Thursday, October 10, 2013

2 months

Dear Olive,
My squishy little bundle of joy!
At two month old you are cooing and interacting with everyone around you.
It is so easy to get a smile out of you. I love it!
You giggle ALL THE TIME.
You are the happiest early in the morning, when your first wake up.
Nursing is pretty much your full time job.
The boob juice is your favorite.
You've already doubled your birth weight tipping the scale at 18lbs 7oz (100+percentile).
You're tall too, 25.3 inches (100+ percentile).
Currently you are wearing 9 and 12 month size clothing.
At two months you rolled over for the first time from your tummy to your back.
You still are the best sleeper ever!!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.
You refuse to take the binky and get upset when we swaddle you.
Your eyes are turing the prettiest light blue and your fuzzy hair is slowly starting to thin out.
Thank goodness for headbands.
Tummy time is getting better every day.
You still lovelovelove the swing, going for walks and taking baths.
I love watching you kick your legs and splash in the water.
It's been so much fun to see your sweet little personality shine over the past few weeks,
I am loving every minute I get to spend with you.

Love you so much,


Tara Martin said...

Oh my gosh. Those rolls are killing me! I love it!

Todd and Martha said...

She is positively the most heavenly thing I've ever seen in my life! She is looking so much like you right now! And that diaper and headband...good grief! She is perfect! Her Auntie Marthy loves her so much. And give Rem a huge smooch for me! That...or a sippie of chocolate milk in my honor. :)

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