Monday, October 28, 2013

Olive's newborn pictures

While going through my draft posts, I found these precious pictures of Olive at 1 week old.
 Look how small she is! 
On a side note, taking photos of newborns is no joke. 
It is SO much harder than it looks. 
That is why she is in the same pose for every picture haha!  
Why oh why do my babies have to grow up? 
It is the hardest thing for me as a momma to come to terms with... 
and that is why I will have 12 kids. 

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Karen Meteer said...

...and after 12 kids, come alll the grandbabies! Imagine if each had would have 144 grandkids and be in grandma gaga land. I'm so so so happy for you, that you're able to be home with your babies and love being their Mommy so much! I never got the "newborn" thing down to an art...which maybe there isn't such a thing, but I LOVE how you embrace it! When Griffin was born I think my smell imprinted on his brain at 1 week because he looooovvvves me! Keep it up Mama! xoxox

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