Sunday, October 20, 2013

Remington's big boy bed

Remington LOVES his new bed.
We made the big switch about a month ago and it was a lot easier than we ever imagined.
Remington has co-slept with us since he was a wee babe.
It was the only solution for everyone to get a full nights rest.
But as my belly quickly expanded with Olive we started to rethink the sleeping arrangement for when she arrived.
We could not imagine another baby in our bed.

So for the next few months we put him to bed is the crib and he did totally fine.
He would only wake up once in awhile and want to nurse.
I'd nurse him back to sleep and David put him back in the crib.
As Olives birth date drew nearer we started to get lazy and kept him in our bed.
With our busy school and work schedules we were completely exhausted at night and I was very heavy with child, so It was just easier to keep him with us.
(Plus, I secretly wanted to cuddle him for as long as I could before I had to share my time with the new baby)

One day the crib became a punishment for Remington when he did something wrong (whoops) and it literally scared him so much that he would start to shake if we threatened to put him in there haha!
So now, the crib was no longer an option.
Olive came earlier than we expected and we made the family bed work for a few weeks.
It was pretty cozy....
Olive was on one end, then me, then Rem and David on the other end.
We were snug little bugs.
I'd wake up to feed Olive and Remington's leg would literally be wrapped around my neck.
(The kid sleeps in the weirdest positions.)
I was getting fed up.

I finally decided that it was time to kick him out of the bed.
For reals this time.
We settled on a twin bed mainly because we couldn't fit in a toddler bed if we wanted to lay down with him.
It worked out nicely that David's parents had an extra bed laying around and they brought it up for us on Olive's blessing weekend.

We made the bed a huge deal.
"Look Remington! Your very OWN big boy bed!"
He was thrilled.
And I think the toy story sheet set Grandma Olsen picked out for him sealed the deal.

His first night was amazing.
His nap the next day was even better.
After one week we were genuinely surprised at how stinking easy it was to move him over.
Olive, you are next!

Occasionally he does wake up and come into our room in the middle of the night.
When that does happen Dave takes him back to his bed.
If it happens on the weekends when David works overnights I let him stay with me.
I love waking up on a Saturday morning to my two dreaming babes snoozing on either side.

My favorite part about Remington being in his own room has to be when he wakes up from his naps and moseys into the living room with his bed head and sleepy eyes and blanket dragging behind him.
It is sooooo cute.

Oh man, I can't believe how independent my little boy is becoming.
I am loving this toddler stage so much.
Every day he surprises us with a new word or something he has learned.

Next big step, saying goodbye to the diapers! (if I can ever muster up the patience and energy that requires)
I'm mean really, the poor kid is practically begging to be potty trained...

Until then-

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