Friday, November 1, 2013

weekend plans

I took the babies to the Dr. today and they are soo sick. 
Remington has croup and Olive has a nasty cold and thrush. 
I hate seeing them so miserable. 
The rest of the weekend will be spent in pajamas watching bubble guppy episodes on repeat and getting all the"noonies" (aka boob juice) they desire.
(oh wait, that already happens...) 

We were also rudely reminded that this Sunday is daylight savings. 
An extra hour of sleep yay!
It means the kids wake up an hour earlier...
and in David's case it means he gets to work the 2 am hour twice during his overnight shift.
Poor guy.

Hope your weekend plans are more fun than ours!

Oh and Olive weighed in at 22 lbs 9 oz  today. 
She has literally gained 1 pound per week of life.
Seriously guys, we thought Rem was big at 4 months weighing 20lbs.
Girlfriend is breaking records.
I mean really, you can't tell from looking at her.
She hides it so well haha. ;)

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