Thursday, December 12, 2013

4 Months

Dear Olive,
My big, blue eyed beauty! 
At 4 months old you are officially past the "newborn" stage.
You currently weigh 25lbs 11oz (100+ percentile) and measure 28 inches tall (100+ percentile) and are wearing mostly 18month clothing. 
You are literally growing out of all your clothes. 
Simply put, you are enormous!
This month you took a binky for the first time. 
We had to try a few different kinds before we found one you liked.
Your cheeks are so big that the binky leaves an indentation on them.
It is so cute. 
At 4 months you are taking naps in your crib and recognize your name. 
Remington say or does things just to get you to laugh.  
I love it!
You are starting to sit up on your own a lot better and to try and grab your toes except your rolly-polly tummy gets in the way.
Remington's old frog rattle is currently your favorite toy. 
You have a little tuff of blonde hair on the base of your neck and on the very front of your head that is longer than the rest. 
I can't wait for it to grow out. 
You have the cutest squeaky, girly voice and learned how to screech.
At any given time of the day, we can find you chewing on your pointer finger.
You love to stand and swing around in your johnny jump up. 
You are getting so strong!
I love how happy and giggly you are all the time!
You have made the transition from one baby to two so easy.
I am so blessed to have you-

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