Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Jammies

Christmas is right around the corner! Can you believe it?!
We officially kicked off the season by setting up our decorations a few days before Thanksgiving. David assembled the tree while the babies napped on the couch.
 I will never forget the look on Remington's face when he woke up and saw the tree all lit up.
 He was awestruck.
 He helped us carefully place the ornaments,one by one.
"Ball?" he'd ask, holding up each one.
We let him fasten the "starwah" on the top and he thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Oh man he is so cute.
Much to my surprise he hasn't been messing with the tree since we put it up.
I though for sure we'd have to place it on a table this year. 
We tested our luck further and even went as far as to put out wrapped presents.
He hasn't touched them once!
Saturday night before bed we set out our shoes for Kris Kringle.
It's a fun German tradition that the Olsen family adopted after David's Dad served his mission there.
I look forward to it every year. 
David has since taken over and has played Kris Kringle in our own family.
He picked out Christmas jammies and books for the kids and left them little cards written in German.
It was fun to wake up to.
We can't wait to Christmas to be here!!


Angie Center said...

Such fun at your house! We love Kris Kringle too. Ours doesn't speak much German though. Ha ha! I see Remington and it makes me remember my little brother a long time ago. Such darling children that I wish I could hang out with!

Demiurgic Musings said...

Christmas is so magical!!! AHHH I loved this! They are too cute!

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