Thursday, January 30, 2014

Feather Feet Inc.

Say hello to the newest Feather Feet Inc. employee! 
Ok, so i'm the only one...just me and my friend Sam, the owner/brains behind the whole operation. 
You can read about how the business started here. 
All the moccs are made from up-cycled leather to keep costs low and quality high. 
So for those of you who can't fork out $60 on a pair these trendy baby shoes, these are for you! 
Each pair run about 20$ and just 3$ more to add the adorable bows on the back. 
Right now they are being sold from our Instagram account (@featherfeetinc) until we transition everything onto a website (which is coming soon!) 
New colors are available every week. 
I am so excited to be a part of this.  
I get to create, craft and help pay the bills all at the same time. 
The perfect job for a stay at home mom ;) 
Help us spread the word and follow us on Instagram!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

two close calls

I'm pretty sure that I earned a few grey hairs this weekend. I experienced two traumatic events that shook me up pretty good. They happened on two completely separate occasions, and given a different outcome to each scenario, I could have potentially lost both of my precious babies. Maybe I'm being over dramatic, but it is true that you never know how long you have with the people you love.

Traumatic event #1
Who: Olive
When: Friday morning
Location: Home

I set Olive in her crib for her usual morning nap. Remington was on the couch completely zoned out by the TV. It was a perfect moment for me to run out and clean the car since we were carpooling with some friends to Idaho Falls later that day. I was outside for about 10 minutes before I came back in to check on the babies. I walked in the door and heard the most terrifying muffled, gurgling scream. I panicked. I didn't see Remington in the living room so I ran back to the nursery. Rem was standing by Olives crib, he was distraught, trying to talk to me and pointing into the crib. I looked in the crib and what I saw will forever be engrained in my brain. Olive had managed to pull her blanket (a light gauzy material Aden and Anais blanket) which she was tightly swaddled in when I put her down, up and around her face. It was tucked so tight around her entire head that with every attempted breath she was sucking the fabric into her mouth. I ripped the blanket off and she gasped for air. The color came back to her face and she was soaked in sweat.
I totally lost it.
Sobbing, I held her tight and all the "what if" scenarios began running through my head.
What if I had stayed out at the car longer?
What if I had wrapped her in a thicker blanket?
What could have happened?
I could have lost my baby girl.
She calmed down after a few minutes and I offered a prayer of gratitude.
I don't think I have ever felt so scared in my entire life.

Traumatic Event #2
Who: Remington
When: Saturday evening
Location: Walmart

The next evening we decided to run to Walmart and grab a couple things from our shopping list and let Remington run out some energy. It was a low key trip, more of a get-out-of-the-house kind of thing. Remington walked alongside the cart, pointing out different things and talking in his cute little boy voice. We walked through the isles slowly so he could keep up. We ended up over by the baby clothes and I wandered off ahead of the family, looking at random items. A few minutes later David pulled up behind me and asked me if I had Remington. I assumed he was with him.
Where was he?
I panicked again.
We split up and I charged frantically through every isle calling his name.
He couldn't have gone far.
Once again the "what if" scenarios crept into my mind.
I couldn't even remember what he was wearing!
What if someone took him?
He's to little to tell someone he's lost!
My heart was racing and I was on the verge of tears.
5 minutes passed and I heard David calling my name a few isles over.
There Remington was, just hanging out in the office supply section, chilling like nothing had happened.
I scooped him up and held him tight.
I was an emotional momma mess.

I am sure there will be many more "close calls" in my future. That's how life goes with kids is right?
If anything, these events made me step back and appreciate the precious gift of life. I am truly blessed with a great one. Tonight, I will hold my babies a little bit longer and little bit tighter. I will breath in their sweet baby smells and kiss their soft baby cheeks because If anything were to happen, I never want to forget this.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 months

Dear Olive-
My happy little squishy squish!!!!!!!
At 5 months old you have two teeth!! You handled them coming in like a champ.
I'm not sure how much you weigh but it has to be close to 30 lbs by now.
Dad and I have a really hard time carrying you around for more than a few minutes.
You need to start rolling/crawling soon because it's getting ridiculous. haha!
This month you learned how to sit up all by yourself.
We are so proud.
You are currently wearing 18-24 month size clothing.
You're squeaky talking voice is so cute!
You've learned how to blow bubbles with your tongue and make a noise that sounds like your gasping for air.
Sucking on your fingers or anyone else's is your favorite.
You are completely fascinated with your toes, but you can't reach them unless you are sitting up.
You love car rides, chewing on your Sophie Giraffe and taking baths with big brother.
We gave you a new nickname this month: Juicy-Lou.
(no explanation needed. :)
You like to pull both your legs up and throw them to the ground at the same time making a loud thump sound.
We started calling it your hulk smash or LouLou SMASH.
It cracks us up.
As far as rolling goes, you can make it over to your sides but not quite all the way over.
Remington likes to help push you over and you don't like that very much haha.
The best thing you started doing this month is putting yourself to sleep.
We can lay you in the crib totally awake for your naps and within minutes you are sound asleep.
It's freaking amazing!
Your big brother still has a hard time with this, so WAY TO GO!
Your sweet and all around happy personality is like warm sunshine all day long.
My little baby, you are so special.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a few photos from the break

I am so sad that Christmas break is over. The babies and I really enjoyed having David home with us all day. He woke up with them every morning to let me sleep in and best of all I got away without changing a single diaper the entire week! He's a keeper that handsome husband of mine. Most days we spent inside relaxing in our jams and eating embarrassing amounts of baked goods. But one evening, the temperature warmed up just enough that we decided to go on a walk. Remington loves being out in the snow. His favorite thing to do it shovel the walkway. It is so cute. We only lasted about 15 minutes before our faces started to go numb but I'm glad we went because I got some cute pictures!

 ^^Rem's expression...killing me^^
^^Snow shovel just his size^^
 ^^The famous moose hat. Probably my favorite purchase ever^^
^^Sexiest Dad. Right there ^^

David's goal for the break was to get Olive sitting up on her own. It took a few days but I think she has finally got the hang of it! Now she just needs to learn how to roll. Rem loves helping with that haha! 


^^Don't mind me, just reading a book :) ^^

^^ oh man, she is the cutest.^^

The only good thing about the break ending was realizing that I didn't have to go back to school on Monday.
That's a pretty awesome feeling-
Happy Hump Day Friends!

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