Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a few photos from the break

I am so sad that Christmas break is over. The babies and I really enjoyed having David home with us all day. He woke up with them every morning to let me sleep in and best of all I got away without changing a single diaper the entire week! He's a keeper that handsome husband of mine. Most days we spent inside relaxing in our jams and eating embarrassing amounts of baked goods. But one evening, the temperature warmed up just enough that we decided to go on a walk. Remington loves being out in the snow. His favorite thing to do it shovel the walkway. It is so cute. We only lasted about 15 minutes before our faces started to go numb but I'm glad we went because I got some cute pictures!

 ^^Rem's expression...killing me^^
^^Snow shovel just his size^^
 ^^The famous moose hat. Probably my favorite purchase ever^^
^^Sexiest Dad. Right there ^^

David's goal for the break was to get Olive sitting up on her own. It took a few days but I think she has finally got the hang of it! Now she just needs to learn how to roll. Rem loves helping with that haha! 


^^Don't mind me, just reading a book :) ^^

^^ oh man, she is the cutest.^^

The only good thing about the break ending was realizing that I didn't have to go back to school on Monday.
That's a pretty awesome feeling-
Happy Hump Day Friends!

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