Friday, February 28, 2014

Remington learns a new concept

^^ Remington is currently learning the concept of big vs. little and large vs small. We have started to describe everyday items he is familiar with and he has picked up on the concept really quickly. ^^

So yesterday I was nursing Remington down for his afternoon nap. 
Almost asleep, he pulled off, looked up at me, patted my breast and said with a smile,

"Oh momma..BIG noonie* huh momma?"

I tried to so hard not to laugh. 

"Very good Remington, that is a big noonie."

Pleased with himself, he drifted off to sleep. 

This smart little kid is all boy my friends, his father is proud!
1. The two overworked-milk producing organs located on mommas chest
synonyms: boobies, breast, boob juice, milkies, milk jugs

David turns 26!

^^ We just came from the gym..^^
^^ mmm mmm, 26 looks good on you babe!"
^^Love of my life right there^^
^^helping dad blow out the ghetto candles haha^^
Another year older, another year wiser. 
We love you David!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy 4 Years

To celebrate our 4 year Anniversary, we got dressed up and headed off to the movies. We haven't seen a movie in the theater for almost 2 YEARS! It's hard to get away that long especially when one baby (or sometimes both) is attached to the boob 24/7. We ended up seeing Gravity in 3D. It was so stressful to watch, I couldn't even handle it. The camera angles made me dizzy and all the 3D space crap coming at my face didn't help much either. I was relived when it ended. Afterwards we splurged on some Coco bean cupcakes (because really, what else do you eat to celebrate?) and then we headed home to tuck in our favorite little nuggets. All in all it was a fun evening with my main squeeze! It has been a crazy, wonderful and happy 4 years. I fall more and more in love with him everyday. I'm so glad to have married my best friend. 
Happy Anniversary babe!
^^so stoked to be on a date!^^
^^we ended up being the only ones in the entire theater^^
^^because 3D movie glasses call for selfies, duh^^
^^beautifully decorated, average tasting, overpriced cupcakes^^

Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentines Weekend Recap

I am legitimately procrastinating taking my Valentines decorations down this year. I wish every day was filled with the mushy-gushy-lovey-dovey-chocolately festiveness that the holiday entails. I could really get used to having a fresh bouquet of flowers in the house at all times ;)
We decided last minute, to head down to Utah to visit David's parents for the long weekend. It was a much needed break from the freezing cold and we had a lot of fun while we were there. Remington and Papa Olsen became best beds. They played blocks, went on daily wagon rides and even played harmonicas together! It was so cute to watch them. Remington also became obsessed with the "ding dong clock" (pictured behind us on the bottom right). Every 15 minutes the clock would ring and he would stop whatever he was doing in the house, run into the living room, point at the clock and say "ding dong!" At the top of the hour he would get everyone to count out the dings with him. We were dying!! We literally counted down the weekend in 15 minute increments haha!
While we were there I was also able to get in some major retail therapy (thank you tax returns!) and we got to enjoy eating at some of our favorite restaurants. I forget how isolated we really are up here in Idaho. Sometimes it's hard not living in a place where everything is conveniently available in a short drive but it does make us appreciate and enjoy the times when we do get away. Until next time-

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

4 years ago today...

...was the day before Dave and I were married and sealed in the Oakland, California Temple
I remember feeling like an emotional mess, a mixture of nervousness and excitement mostly. 
I could not wait to start our life's journey together.
Now here we are, 4 years, 2 beautiful babies later and a million memories later,
I could not be happier.

Happy Anniversary Babe!
^^Fresh out of the Temple glow right there^^

6 Months

Dear Olive,
Happy half birthday baby girl!
At 6 months old you are finally ROLLING!!
We knew it would take a little longer because you have a lot of mass to move but we are so proud of you!
You have even started to lunge forward onto your tummy from a sitting position.
You will be crawling in no time!
You currently weigh 29lbs 5oz and are 29.5 inches tall and are wearing mostly 24 month clothing.
A big healthy baby!!
Playing with Remington is your absolute favorite.
You could sit and watch him all day long and be totally content.
Your blonde fuzzy hair came in thicker overnight! Depending on the light it even has a little strawberry tint to it.
I love that it's getting long enough that I can snap little baby clips into it.
At 6 months we have just started introducing you to solid food.
So far, avocado has been your favorite.
You refuse to drink milk from a bottle but occasionally, you like to drink water from a sippy cup.
Right now you still sleep in bed with us but all your naps are taken in your crib.
You love to nurse frequently but get distracted by the littlest thing. You always need to know what is going on around you!
You look like such a big kid when you take baths with your brother and you love to splash in the water.
You learned how to make a sound that sounds like yelling except you keep your mouth shut when you do it. It's hilarious to listen to.
You are such a happy and fun little girl who is loved by so many people.
Seriously, we get stopped every time we go out by people who just want to squish your cheeks and see you smile!
We are looking forward to watching your personality shine and seeing you grow and develop even more.
Love you sooooo much-

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

valentine craft for the babies

I have been dying to get the babies foot prints painted for keepsakes, and the upcoming holiday seemed like a good time to finally do it. We made a few sets and sent them to the grandparents as Valentine gifts. Remington wasn't so sure he liked the paint on his feet and Olive giggled and giggled when it was her turn. They are now proudly displayed on our fridge and I love looking at them every day. My nuggets are growing up before my eyes, I can't believe it!

^^The differences in their body shapes are killer haha^^

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

just because

Oh my sweet little Olive Lou.
All I want to do is eat her. 
The End. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love Month

February will always and forever be my favorite month of the year. 
We will be celebrating:
**Our 5th Valentines Day**
**Our 4th Wedding Anniversary** 
**David's 26 Birthday (old fart!)**
**Remington's 2nd birthday (technically in March but whatever) 
To kick off our busy love month, Remington helped me make a festive "hawrt" banner.
He carefully lined each heart up after I cut it out and counted them over and over.
"one-ah, twoo, freee" 
AH his talking voice is THE BEST! 
^^Seriously kid, you are melting me into a puddle right now
^^ the finished product 

Happy February!
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