Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7 Months

Dear Olive,
This month you have hit some fun milestones.
At 7 months old are finally mobile!
You learned how to scoot around on your bum and it is ridiculously cute.
You can roll a lot better now but still prefer to be sitting up or holding our hands while you stand.
You lunge forward and get on your knees from a sitting position and try so hard to crawl.
You are determined to keep up with your big brother so I know that you will get it in no time.
We have noticed that you are starting to slim down a bit due to your new found mobility.
It will be a sad, sad day when your rolls disappear...
You said your first word this month and it was "Momma!"
I love hearing you call for me and watching your little mouth form words and sounds.
Every time you babble your cheeks bounce up and down, it's so cute!
You weigh just over 31 pounds and are getting taller and taller by the day.
You are wearing 24 month clothing and can fit into a couple 2T outfits.
This month you cut your first top tooth and the second one is currently making it's way down.
That a total of 4 teeth!
You are a teething champ.
We have learned that you do not like to be rocked to sleep, rather swaddled tight and put down by yourself.
It's still a weird concept for us to grasp since your older brother still hates going to sleep alone!
You are such a easy baby, I am so grateful for that.
Since introducing solids last month we have found that you hate the texture of pureed baby foods.
You like things like avocado, bananas and cheese sticks, things that are chunkier in texture and that you can gum on.
You are still super ticklish, very giggly and love your big brother so so much.
I love spending my days with you baby girl.

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