Monday, March 10, 2014

the thing about having babies close together

^^ Valentines Day photos! My mom sent me this gorgeous dress for Olive and I'm happy it still fits her.(It doubled as her Christmas dress too.)^^

These two are my whole world.
At just over 16 months apart they are already the best of friends. 
I love how much they love each other. 
Olive is obsessed with Remington.
He entertains her all day long. 
When he goes down for nap and she's still awake, she gets so bored with us, fast!
All she wants is to play with her big brother. 
They are at a fun age where I can just sit them down together with a bunch of toys and they will jibber-jabber and play for an hour!
Remington has taken over the big brother role very well. 
He is so kind and gentle and will do things to make Olive laugh when she's upset. 
I love seeing their personalities shine through as they interact with each other. 
Olive is a bit feisty and Remington is more on the sensitive side.
They are quite the pair. 
I hope as they grow up they will continue to stay close.
 One my favorite things about being in a big family and having a lot of siblings close in age, is having all of my brothers and sisters as best friends. 
If all goes as planned, these two will have a dozen more siblings to bond with over the next couple of years! ;)
^^her "not impressed" face^^
^^the way she looks at him....kill me now!
^^one of my all time favorites^^

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Kels said...

Freaking CUTE!! Babies close together are the BEST!

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