Wednesday, March 19, 2014


The house is quiet for the first time today. 
The babies are asleep and tucked into their beds. 
They went down easier than expected, probably because their afternoon naps were skipped. 
There is string cheese and chocolate chips mashed into my carpet and a rather large pile of clean laundry on my bed waiting to be folded. 
Today was hard. 
Sometimes being a Mom is hard. 
These babies teach me something new about myself everyday. 
Today I was reminded again that it's ok to let it go. (cue the Frozen soundtrack)
"it" being the super momma, domesticated goddess standard that I try and hold myself to. 
There will be days like today where naps will be refused, dishes will pile up, toys will be scattered, diapers will forget to be washed, too much TV will be watched, and the only nutritious things that will be eaten are frozen eggo waffles and diet coke. 
Yes, there will be hard days. 
But i'm learning that with-in those hard days, there will be perfect unscripted moments like the ones pictured above and below that will remind me how awesome it is to be a mom and that it's ok to let it go once in a while. 
I sure love the babies of mine.
And even after days like today, I still have it pretty dang good. 
For that I'm thankful. 
^^the most perfect bum cheeks! 
^^I spy some wispy hairs
^^"Really Momma, another picture?"
^^Those curls though...

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