Wednesday, April 23, 2014

an evening at the park

One of our evenings in Arizona was spent at our neighborhood park. A bunch of us including grandparents and siblings got together and had a picnic while the babies played. It was the first time that Remington wasn't hysterically crying when we put him in the swing (weird kid). Olive giggled and giggled with every push. Gammi and Papa couldn't get enough of Olive's rolls, and she was passed around and kissed and squished all night. Remington took turns giving wagon rides to his cousin Hailey and learned how to kick a soccer ball. It was so nice just be outside in the warm, fresh air.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Arizona (captured by my iPhone)

^^Can you tell how excited we were to drive 14 hours?? The babies did surprisingly well...I think it helped that we had someone back there at all time.

^^ We made sure to make stop every couple hours so the babies could nurse and get their wiggles out. Remington and Josie ran circles around the gas stations where we stopped. 
^^My parents back yard was perfect for the little nuggets. We spent hours out by the pool. Remington insisted on being naked most the time. 
^^Cousins! Remington and Hailey 2 years old and Lily and Olive born on the same day July 31, just 12 hours apart! 
^^ Everyday in the sun! We found a splash pad in an outdoor shopping mall where there were kids everywhere! It was so fun. Remington was pretty terrified of being in the actual pool. He screamed until we got him out. I'm looking forward to swimming lessons with him this summer. 
^^Olive Lou loved eating yogurt! haha!
^^Everyone says Natassja and I look the most alike :) Also, I can't get enough of Olive in her swim suit. 
^^Doing some shopping while the babies napped. 
^^ All of us siblings together for the first time in 4 years!
^^Rocking the 'mom-kini'!! I'm obsessed with that floral print. Remington got into Mimi's nail polish. I was surprised at how good he painted them. 
^^We learned on this trip that Olive is very allergic to dogs. Her poor eye was swollen shut for most the time. She was still happy as ever though. 
^^Loved spending time with my hunky husband on this trip. He is pretty spectacular. 

not how I imagined spending Easter weekend

 ^^Muscle relaxers, pain pills and my favorite essential oil^^

After spending the past week visiting my family in Arizona we finally made it home! We had such a lovely time in the sunshine. (I'll have tons of photos to share soon!) When we got home Friday afternoon I was so excited to spend the weekend spring cleaning and getting the house pulled together for the Holiday. However, that night my dreams of a perfect Easter weekend came to a halt after I injured my neck while trying to pick up Remington. All I remember is hearing a "pop" and feeling a pain so severe that I cried out. When I woke up the next morning I couldn't even get out of bed. Any movement sent shooting pains through my neck, arm and shoulders. I felt paralyzed. My Dr. thinks that I have a slipped disc which is pinching a nerve and called in some muscle relaxers and pain pills for me. The drugs have helped a little but I haven't been able to move all weekend. David has taken over the kids and the house so I can rest. He has been amazing! It has been really hard for me to let go and make myself recover. I can't help but feel sad about not being with my family at Church, taking our annual Easter photos or having the babies come home to beautiful Easter baskets filled with little gifts and chocolate. No, this is NOT how I wanted to spend my Easter weekend. It's silly and I know the babies won't know the difference if the Easter bunny comes a few days late. And although this isn't what I had imagined, I am grateful that we still get to celebrate the real meaning of Easter. I am grateful for Him, MY Savior. I know that He lives and that because of Him I can be with my family forever. There is nothing more important to me than that. 

Happy Easter Everyone!
^^Super dad and babies dressed for Church^^

Monday, April 7, 2014

birthday weekend

^^Birthday dinner with the family 
^^German pancakes for breakfast!
We celebrated the entire weekend with friends, family and delicious food! 
23 has been a good year, I accomplished a lot.
So bring it on 24!!

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