Sunday, April 20, 2014

Arizona (captured by my iPhone)

^^Can you tell how excited we were to drive 14 hours?? The babies did surprisingly well...I think it helped that we had someone back there at all time.

^^ We made sure to make stop every couple hours so the babies could nurse and get their wiggles out. Remington and Josie ran circles around the gas stations where we stopped. 
^^My parents back yard was perfect for the little nuggets. We spent hours out by the pool. Remington insisted on being naked most the time. 
^^Cousins! Remington and Hailey 2 years old and Lily and Olive born on the same day July 31, just 12 hours apart! 
^^ Everyday in the sun! We found a splash pad in an outdoor shopping mall where there were kids everywhere! It was so fun. Remington was pretty terrified of being in the actual pool. He screamed until we got him out. I'm looking forward to swimming lessons with him this summer. 
^^Olive Lou loved eating yogurt! haha!
^^Everyone says Natassja and I look the most alike :) Also, I can't get enough of Olive in her swim suit. 
^^Doing some shopping while the babies napped. 
^^ All of us siblings together for the first time in 4 years!
^^Rocking the 'mom-kini'!! I'm obsessed with that floral print. Remington got into Mimi's nail polish. I was surprised at how good he painted them. 
^^We learned on this trip that Olive is very allergic to dogs. Her poor eye was swollen shut for most the time. She was still happy as ever though. 
^^Loved spending time with my hunky husband on this trip. He is pretty spectacular. 

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