Tuesday, May 6, 2014

8 months

Dear Olive, 
At 8 months old you are FINALLY CRAWLING!!!!!!!!!
Not only are you crawling and rolling everywhere you also started cruising along all the furniture. 
You love to be standing and are getting brave walking from couch to ottoman to the wall. 
Gosh you are so cute. 
You started waving this month too. 
Your chubby little wrists moving in a circular motion is the CUTEST. 
Seriously, you kill me every day. 
You LOVE to eat, pasta and cheese or any combination of the two are your favorite. 
You currently have 6 razor sharp teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. 
You are wearing 2T and some 3T size clothing, although since you started moving, you chub is going down so you can wear some of your smaller clothes a little longer. yay!
You love being outside, swimming the pool and eating whatever your chubby little fingers can find. 
Currently you are fascinated will hair pulling, especially Remington's.
Thank goodness he is such a good sport about it, because you have a STRONG grip.
You also enjoy sticking your fingers in other peoples noses, mouth and other orifices. 
You are still an amazing sleeper and take 3 naps a day. 
We swaddle to sleep but we always find you with your left arm over your head.
I seriously don't know how you get it out because Dad wraps you so tightly. 
At 8 months you bust a move every time you hear anything with a beat. 
Your little head bobbing around and you chubbs swaying to the music, you got some serious rhythm little girl. 
You started saying "daaadaa" and you always cry for "moooma"
You nuzzle your head into our necks when we say "give us loves"
Your open mouth kisses make my day, also your giggle and your toothy grin and your thick juicy thighs. 
Basically, i'm obsessed with you. 
8 months was an awesome one.
Love you little lady, 

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