Thursday, June 5, 2014

9 Months

Dear Olive, 
How has 9 months gone by already?! It is not fair.
We have really really been enjoying this stage of your life. 
You are learning and doing new things all the time.
You love your mobility and being able to keep up with your big brother.
You can crawl so fast and walk along the walls and furniture very well.
Once in awhile you'll get brave and let go to see what happens, and then you fall on your bum!
At 9 months old you surpassed your 2 year old brother in weight, weighting in at 34 lbs!!
You are also tall for your age at 31.5 inches.
Your face is starting to thin out a little and it makes me sad. 
I hope those sweet cheeks of yours hang around for a little while more.
You hair is getting super long and thick and we were able to put it in a pony tail for the first time!
It sticks straight up and it is SO CUTE!
You've done pretty good so far about not pulling your bows or clips out. 
I think having you wear them every day has helped :)
Since we spend most of our days outside in the sun, we've noticed that your beautiful creamy skin is very sensitive. You burn very easily.
We have also learned that you have a very strong personality. 
Your mood is either super laid back and happy or hysterical and out of control. 
There is no in-between. 
You squawk at Remington when he takes something from you, and you aren't afraid to put up a fight. 
You get very mad at Dad when he changes your diaper, especially after baths. 
When you get excited about something like food for example, you start hooting and clapping your feet together. It is so hilarious!!
You don't like to be swaddled anymore and transitioned to overnights in the crib extremely well. 
Your favorite foods this month include popsicles, turkey and craisins. 
You also love drinking water out of a sippy cup. 
My favorite thing that you have started doing this month is laying your head on the ground when you are sad or when you are in a cuddly mood. 
You look up at us with your big blue eyes and it just melts me into a puddle. 
I love you so much juicy lou, 

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