Friday, June 13, 2014

well, that was easy

We are pretty excited to share some goals/milestones that we have accomplished over the past few weeks as a family. First off, It has been just over a month since we started and I happy that I can officially say that Remington, my just barely turned two year old is POTTY TRAINED. I'm still shocked about how stupid easy it really was. We pulled from the awesome advice and different recommended methods that were shared with us and came up with our own little system. In a nutshell we did a variation of the naked 3-day-sticker reward system. Day one we had a few accidents in the morning but once he realized he got a sticker for every time he went on the potty he was SO EXCITED. By day three, he was waking up during naps and night time to go to the potty and did the whole thing by himself. I took him out on a few errands by day four and we introduced the public restroom. He was absolutely terrified. Day seven he stayed completely dry at church and hasn't had an accident since! Every time he goes now, he looks up at me and says, "I big boy Momma!" We are so proud of him! It took a few days for him to get used to wearing undies, he still prefers to be nude when we are home. And now that the big fluffy cloth diapers are gone, his tiny little bum has a hard time holding up his pants. Everything hangs on him. But seriously, little boy bum in tight cotton boxer briefs, I DIE! 

After we accomplished the potty stuff, we tackled the next task on our list; moving Olive to her crib over night. I don't know why we hesitated to transition her sooner...maybe because Remington had such an awfully hard time, but after one night we haven't looked back! I'm so grateful that she is a good sleeper. We put the kids down at the same time and after a few hours minutes of giggles and gibber jabbering, they fall asleep. Nap time is a completely different story... but so far Dave and I have loved having the babies out of our bed ;)

Lastly, It's been 32 days** since my last Diet Coke. David and I decided together that it was finally time to give up the juice. Over the past few years we have become sickly dependent on it and we felt like in order to practice what we preach and set an example and pattern for our family, we needed to stop it. So we did, cold turkey. The first few days were ROUGH. We had some intense cravings at first but they have since subsided. We quadrupled our water intake to replace the soda. That first weekend, the sudden increase in our water intake significantly upped my already intense milk-cow status milk supply by like a ton and I got my first clogged milk duct. (which hurts like a mother sdf&F*D&F&S6df7ds in case you were wondering) So that happened... But since we've quit, we've noticed that we sleep better, are more conscious about our food choices (since I always wanted a salty snack when I drank Diet Coke) and we both don't feel bloated like we used to all the time.

**Ok so to be completely honest, I have had a drink since
 and it tasted nasty 
like so gross
like it made me sick
like seriously, how did I like this stuff?
I digress..
yay for accomplishing goals! 

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