Sunday, July 6, 2014

10 & 11 months

Dear Olive, 
Momma has been slacking, so your 10-11 month post are combined, whoops! 
I seriously refuse to accept that you will be turning ONE at the end of the month. 
It is just too much for me to handle right now. 
At 11 months old you took your FIRST STEPS!!!!!!!
You are so close to walking!
At 10 months you were really interested in the walker and have been cruising around since. 
You are mimicking words and sounds a lot lately. 
You can say, "wah-wah" for water, "momma" "dada" "uh-oh" and "buh bye"
I love when you smack your lips together when we ask for kisses and how you totally sprawl your whole body on stuffed animals/cars/laundry/brother when giving loves. 
Since you have become so mobile in the past few months you have started getting into everything. 
You like to open all the kitchen cupboards and pull out all the clothing from the dresser drawers. 
Your are currently obsessed with getting into is my sewing machine! 
You pull on your hair when you nurse and are constantly pulling out your pony tails and bows. 
I think it's so cute when you try to put them back into your hair. 
You've started sleeping on your stomach with your knees pulled into your chest and you arms down by your sides. 
I don't know how you think that is comfortable haha!
You still love to eat, anything and everything.
Your favorites include raspberries, popsicles and ice cream. 
You have also found a new love for chocolate chips. You squeal when I give them to you. 
Just in the past few days, you've been attempting to climb the stairs outside and it totally freaks me out. 
I love how you lay down and push your brothers cars back and forth on the ground. 
Dad says we need to get you some of your own cars and trucks. 
You love to play with the water hose and you dance ALL THE TIME. 
Your head bobs to any kind of beat. 
When you stand, you stand up on your tippy toes.
Cutest thing EVER. 
I don't know how they support the weight of your entire body but its adorable. 
My future little dancer. 
I love this stage and watching your little brain work when you try and learn something new. 
You've recently learned how to stack legos and blocks and put rings onto a stick. 
You are also starting to feed yourself with utensils. 
It's so bittersweet watching you grow up. 
You are getting more and more independent and I really cherish the moments where you let me snuggle you before bed. 
I love you so much my sweet baby girl, 
^^tip toes!
^^get ready for it
^^KILLING IT! Currently my favorite photo of Olive EVER. 

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Valerie Braun said...

OH MY WORD. Those last few photos! She does look like a dancer, such form!

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