Wednesday, July 30, 2014

a letter to Lou on her birthday eve

My dearest Olive Lou, 
Tomorrow is your first birthday and it's totally breaking my momma heart. 
How has it already been a year, a YEAR!?
What was life even like before you were born?
I don't remember. 
This past year you have brought our family so much happiness and joy. 
Everything you do makes us laugh!
Your outgoing and sassy personality make you the life of the party no matter where we are.
You demand attention, you crave it. 
We have enjoyed watching you grow and develop as you learn more about the world around you.
We love how much you look to your older brother. 
He loves you so much.
He was the most excited when you learned how to walk. 
You follow him around trying to do and imitate what he does and it is simply the greatest. 
I am so blessed to be your momma. 
Thanks for being my sunshine and my strength.
Always remember that no matter how big you get, 
you will always be my blue eyed, juicy thighed & chubby cheeked little squish. 

Happy Birthday little Lou, 
We are so proud of you!

P.S Lets cool it on the near death experiences this next year ok? 
I think we would all appreciate it :) 

P.S.S You were a little stink when I took your photos today...seriously, that baby 'tude!

 ^^Classic Olive
 ^^Not impressed
 ^^Still not impressed
^^...we're done! haha!

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