Saturday, August 16, 2014

afternoon at the fair

Yesterday afternoon we hit up the Madison County fair with Carlie and her babies.
 It was a lot smaller than last year but we spent most of our time hanging out by the animals so it was just as fun. Remington and Olivia walked around, pointed out all the animals and made their corresponding nosies. 
Rem's favorite was the "tickens" and couldn't stop laughing at the ones with the feathers on their head, that made them look like they had afros! It was hilarious! 
Olive was ooohing and ahhing until an alpaca stuck it's head through the gate and got too close to her. She totally flipped out! We were dying! The pigs terrified her too. 
Carlie and I felt like city girls pushing our big strollers through the mud and manure. 
That crap got on everything, bleh. 
We've been away from the farm life way too long haha! 
After the animals, we split a Reed's Dairy ice cream cone and then went to the rodeo arena to watch the tractors smooth out all the dirt. 
I'm going to miss this small town stuff when we leave here someday. 
^^The red boots were the perfect foot ware for the occasion. 

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