Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Remington's Red Rain Boots

A few weeks ago Dave and I were getting the kids ready to head out for a Drs appointment. 
We were running late and the babies were whining at the door while we hustled to get our stuff together. 
I opened the door to let them go outside while we finished up. 
It was pouring down rain so I didn't think twice that they would go far. 
I picked up Olive to get her in the carseat and I look over and see Remington knee deep in a puddle having the time of his life. 
I was so angry! 
We were so late and his entire outfit was totally soaked.
I grabbed him and told Dave to deal with him while I put Olive in the car. 
When I came back to confront him, still fuming over the situation, he looked up at us and simply stated,
"I was yike peppa pig* jumpping in da muddy puddles!" 
Dave and I could not stop laughing. 
It was seriously the cutest thing ever!
I had mom guilt for like 2.5 seconds about being mad at him. 
How can you be mad a two year old for acting like a two year old?
Man, he is the sweetest. 
(*Peppa pig is a little British pig named Peppa who's favorite thing to do is jump in muddy puddles. If you haven't ever seen an episode, click the link above. It is so stinking adorable. Remington is obsesed and we even like watching it too!) 

After the puddle situation, it got me thinking about purchasing a pair of rain boots for the babies' fall/winter clothing gear.
I searched around online and instantly fell in love with every single pain of Hunter Boots.
Of course I can not justify spending 50$ on shoes, so I kept on looking. 
This past weekend we hit up my favorite second hand store in Idaho falls and low and behold the first thing I saw when I pulled open the size 8 shoe bin were these shiny red rain boots. 
And for 4.50$ it was a Christmas Miracle! 
"Now I have wed boots yike Peppa!"
He hasn't taken them off since.
I kid you not he wears them all day, even during naps and most of the time only paired with his super man undies. 
I'll tell you, two year old are simply the best. 

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