Thursday, September 25, 2014


I combined ALL of our photos from our trip to California into ONE post because if not, this could go on and on...
Day 1: As a child, we visited the redwoods every time we came to stay with our grandparents. It's one of my most favorite places to see and I was so excited to take David! Bumpa came along and paired up with Remington. He showed him the trees and pointed out different things. Rem kept saying "OH WOW! Tees so BIG momma!" 
^^Seriously I can not get enough of these photos of them together! I love my Bumpa and I'm so grateful that my children get to have a relationship with him. 
Day 2: I was SOO excited to take the kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Once again, trips to there are some of my most fond childhood memories. We met up with my aunt Dolly and her youngest three (my cousins) who are the same age as Rem and Olive. We spent the morning exploring all the exhibits and the babes were memorized. They loved the floor to ceiling tanks with the sharks and the huge sun fish. Olive was wide eyed the entire time! It was truly a magical experience and i'm so happy we were able to go. 

Day 3: We went back to Monterey and hit up the Fisherman's Wharf. Remington begged us for a sucker from the candy shop. We walked along the wharf admiring the cute little shops and stopped to watch the boats going out to sea. 
^^On our way out we got breakfast at a little crepe stand. They were HEAVENLY! 
^^Afterwards we met up with Dolly again and walked along the Navel pier to get up and close with the seals. The kids were fascinated!
^^There was an empty beach just down from the pier where we took the babies to experience the ocean for the first time. THEY HATED IT! We set Rem in the sand so the water would splash up on his little feet and a huge piece of seaweed got wrapped around his anckles HA! Poor guy, I've never seen him so scared. We sat and played in the sand while David walked along the beach. Olive even ate a few handfuls haha! 
^^Days 4-6: the rest of my family got into town and we spent the time visiting and eating out and staying up way to late reminiscing. I love this photo of Rem and my bother. Rem says, "he's tolton and he's my friend." 
Day 7: THE WEDDING!!!! All the sister woke up really early to get Jocelyn picture perfect. We all contributed to hair and makeup and she look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Attending the sealing at the temple was my favorite part of the trip. I wished that we lived closer so that we could attend together more often. 
^^Sneaking in a few photos in front of the bride haha! Sorry Josie! 

^^My favorite off all the siblings!
^^It's been almost 5 years since we were last here in Oakland! 
^^The reception was held at the same venue that we did  mine at. It brought back so many memories! It was decorated to the nines and everything looked so elegant. 
^^Her dress couldn't fit into the high chair and it was hilarious. 
^^The kids got tired FAST. We had to ditch the party super early because we had to drive back to home in order to be back for school on time. We were bummed we didn't get to party hard with family (because my family really knows how to party!) but all in all it was a wonderful week spent making wonderful memories!


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