Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remington at 32 months

I've had this post saved as a draft for the past couple months in hopes to finally sit down and write an update about my precious Remington. But alas, life gets busy and blog updates get pushed to the back burner. I've been trying to remember to write down short stories and things he has been saying because I don't want to forget anything! Two and a half year old are THE BEST hands down. 
This stage has been SO FUN for us.

My most favorite thing about two and a half year old Remi is how much his communication and language skills have sky rocketed over the past few months. 
He can chat your ear off all day! 
and his little voice...absolutely kills me!
It's kinda high and a little squeaky and everything he says sounds as if he is asking a question. 
"whas dis?" we hear probably 504,3491 times a day. 
I love that he has to know what everything is.
He is so curious about things. 
He has also been really intuitive about emotions. 
Probably because I was an emotional mess all summer but out of the blue he started asking me, 
"Momma, are you happy?" 
The first time totally caught me off guard. 
Any time he senses stress or tension or even if i'm just tired and grumpy he asks me, "momma, are you happy?"
It's really tender how concerned he is. 

At two and a half years old he loves going to the Crossfit gym, swinging on the rings and playing with the weighed balls and kettle bells.
He loves cars and trucks and choo choo trains. 
He loves his sister even though at times she bugs the crap out of him. 
He is usually very patient with her when she takes his toys or pulls his hair. 

He's becoming more and more independent (which is realllly nice on those day where I feel like death.)
He likes to pick out his own clothes and dress himself.
One morning David woke up and found him cleaning up a huge milk spill where he had tried to pour himself a cup of milk. 
It was so cute that David couldn't even get mad!
Last week he came into our room puking his guts out. 
David went to change his sheets and Remington had already pulled all his bedding off and had covered his throw up mess with a handful of bath towels!
How tender is that?!
Oh my sweet, sweet Remington!
and how about the time he cut his own hair? 
"Yook momma, I did it myself!" (more details on that story at the bottom of this post) 

He loves to read me books that he has memorized. 
His current favorite is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and an Elmo one that I can't remember the name of. 
He has just really gotten into singing songs. 
He sings the alphabet song and the apple and banana song over and over!
He is currently obsessed with the tv shows,  peppa pig and super why. 
He will bring me a baby blanket to tie around his neck like a cap and then proceeds to run around the house and yell, "super wemi to da wescue!"
He loves to get "toy-ya" (soda) when we go out to eat, and he HAS to help pay the money at the grocery store checkout or any checkout for that matter. 
I love that he still asks to cuddle with me. 
I hope that lasts for a few more years, he's aways been a momma's boy. 
He is also so excited for Christmas this year! 
I can't wait to be able to set up decorations and sing christmas songs with him. 
He is at the age where he can really start to enjoy the magic surrounding the holidays. 

Lastly, I can't help but get teary eyed as he ask to say family prayer at night. 
He asks Heavenly Father to bless each one of us and then proceeds to name every member in the family and every friend and any other person whos name he can remember at the time.
He also prays for the baby in momma's tummy. 
It amazes me every day how spiritually in tune these little babies of mine are. 
I will always have a special place in my heart for my precious first born. 
He is as sweet and tender as they come. 
I love you Remi boy!
^^The last photo documentation of his beautiful curls. Ok long story short, see those scissors behind him? I pulled them out because I was already planning on trimming a few pieces of his hair. I ran back to the back room after I took these photos and when I came back he had cut all the hair on the right side of his head! I about died!!! I tried to fix it but the damage was done so we took him to a professional. And the curls are no more. I'm still SUPER sad about it. But what can you do, hair grows back.  I'm just glad he didn't cut his fingers off. 
^^The after photo! It's still taking time for all of us to get used to. He looks like a completely different kid! Olive still has trouble figuring out why she can't grab his hair anymore haha!

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