Monday, November 24, 2014

thanksgiving plans and the primary program

I am SO excited for the Holidays! We decided to stay in Rexburg this year and start our own family traditions for Thanksgiving. (Mostly because David has a ton of school work to keep on top of... not complaining though because he is GRADUATING IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!!!!). I originally nixed the cooking the big feast thing and figured we could go out to a nice dinner instead. Come to find out, the only restaurants open here are Chuck A Rama and JB going the home made route sounded like the better choice haha! Dave and I planned out our menu this weekend and we picked up a precious little 10lb turkey. It's so cute and tiny! Both Dave and I have never cooked an entire bird before so we've been doing some research and we are excited to try this delicious looking brine recipe. I hope it turns out! I also mastered a pumpkin pie cheesecake that will top off the menu just perfectly. I just hope this dang nausea subsides a little by then so I can eat my heart out. This pregnancy is kicking my butt! 
My favorite plan for the upcoming week is that we are finally pulling out the Christmas decorations. I've been holding off till after Thanksgiving and it has been SO HARD. I've compromised by allowing Christmas music to be played so that makes the wait a little bit easier :) 

Sunday was the primary program. Since we are in a married student ward, we technically only have a nursery and only like two of the kids can talk. SO, for the program they had the parents get up with the kids and give a little 3 minute talk. I made David go up since I absolutely do not do the speaking in front of crowds thing. In the talk he had to tell everyone a little about Remington, what his favorite primary song was, what he learned this year etc. and then close with his testimony on the this years theme "Families are Forever." 
David ended with the most beautiful testimony talking about how lucky we are to have the knowledge that we get to see our precious baby again. He spoke about how Remington was really perceptive about our feelings during that hard time and how much his sweet spirit understood. At this point he was sobbing on the stand and I literally couldn't keep it together. 
We talked later that evening about how incredible it is that our children are so spiritually in tune to the world around them. Olive will climb up on our chair and point to the painting I have on my wall of the woman surround by a concourse of angels. She will just stare at it and smile. 
I just love being reminded how amazingly knowledgeable these little babies are.
I am so blessed to be their momma. 

To end, I had to share this photo series because it totally cracks me up!
^^"Olive, smile for momma!"
^^Ooo we got a little one...
^^And she's done...haha! I sure love that feisty Olive Lou. 

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