Friday, November 28, 2014


Thanksgiving was absolutely perfect this year. We woke up and jammed out to Christmas tunes while we prepared our feast. We wanted to eat around noon so we could all catch a nap when the babies went down for theirs. Remington helped David make the mashed potatoes, while Olive sat by and watched, sneaking tastes of the potato skins. She made the funniest face every time she ate one but she still kept trying them, I guess hoping that they would get better haha! After our glorious meal and a much needed nap, we pulled out the Christmas decoration and decked out our home. It was a perfect way to end the day! 
My little family is incredibly blessed. I am thankful for all my precious babies, my loving and selfless husband and of course for my Savior and all that he does for me. We live a wonderful life and it wouldn't be possible with out Him.

^^Momma, what is dis thing?!
^^Remington was pouting because he couldn't use the sharp knife.
^^Watching from her perch
^^I can always count on Olive for a hilarious stink face
^^The spread
^^Olive didn't even like the mashed potatoes haha! Who's kid is this?!
^^The only photo we got of all four of us. Love this family of mine!

Thanksgiving last year (Olive was such a CHUNK) and the year before (a week before we found out I was expecting!) 

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