Saturday, December 20, 2014

David's Graduation!!!!

This handsome man graduated from BYU-Idaho last night. We are SO proud of him. His parents drove up from Utah earlier that afternoon and we met them in Idaho Falls for a celebratory lunch at Olive Garden. We got a sitter for the evening so we could enjoy the ceremony kid free. It was wonderful! I made Dave get dressed early so we could could snap a few photos with the babies before they went down to bed. Olive was super into his graduation cap haha! I can't believe a year ago, I walked across the same stage. Look how much the babies have grown since then. Where has the time gone!? So much has happened in a year, I can't believe it. 

For now, the plan is to stay here in Rexburg until David gets accepted into an ABSN program. Applications go out in the spring and programs start in the fall, so hopefully we will know where we are headed in a couple months. David will continue as a head supervisor at his call center job and be able to work full time which will be nice. I'm excited to stay  here until the baby comes in May as well. (The thought of moving mid-pregnancy totally stresses me out.) So until then, we will enjoy the rest of our time Rexburg as NON-STUDENTS. We are celebrating for the rest of the year. WE DID IT!!!!

(also, we were dealing with terrible indoor lighting...hence the sepia-esk photos haha) 
^^the loves of my life right there^^
^^Hip hip hooray! Daddy's graduating!!^^
 ^^I spy a stud muffin in the top left corner^^

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