Friday, January 16, 2015

Remington says

Some hilarious quotes that we've overheard the past few months. Two year olds are awesome. 

{After Olive yelled "NO" to David} "Youyou, we no tell daddy no, we say yes!"

{While doing the potty dance 8x a day} "I nee doe PEEEEEE!"

{After telling him that it's time to go to bed} "I no go to bed. I a big boy now, I stay up and watch TV, okay?"

{When I told him he had to stay home because he was sick} "I'm not sick, I'm a Remington!"

{While watching a movie and David and I were smooching on the couch behind him} "Uhh, what are you two doing over dere?" 

{Every time we watch Mickey mouse club house} "Momma, member when we go to Disney Yand? member dat? We saw Mickey Mouse! Dat was so fun!"

{Listening to him sing the alphabet song} " I yove my ABCssssss, next time won't you play with me."

{After asking him if he tooted} "No momma, I farted."

{After watching a comerical depicting a mom doing crafts with her child} "Momma, can we pwease do fun stuff yike dat?"

{Pointing to a mole on David's arm} "Yook Dada, dere is your nipple" 

I wish I could remember more, I need to do better at writing them down. Love that sweet boy of mine. 

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