Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Eve!

Happy Valentines Eve!
These poor babies have a camera in their face multiple times a week #photographermom
I bribe them to help me so I can test lighting, new backdrops, props etc.
These were from a few weeks back when I was prepping for Valentine mini sessions.
(Don't mind the play clothes and un-ironed background haha)
They are just the cutest.

So far our only plans tomorrow include hitting up the morning Crossfit class and eating lots of chocolate. 
Perhaps we will squeeze in a nap too and maybe some Mexican food...(baby girl wants Mexican all day/everyday.)

Whatever we end up doing, it will be with my favorite people. 
Heres to the long weekend-

(And just because I wanted to document them... a few valentines decorations around the house :)

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