Thursday, February 26, 2015

on the mend

It looks like we are finally on the mend over here. 
The kids are sleeping better, which means we are sleeping better and everyone seems to be in good spirits. 

Yesterday we celebrated Davids 27th birthday.
We went to Remington's soccer camp, came home to eat a donut cake, sing happy birthday and open presents. 
Then we all took a much needed nap, followed by an early dinner feast at David's favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.
It was nice to finally get out of the house!

Next week are celebrating Remington's 3rd birthday. 
I am in serious denial. 
It's his "golden birthday" (3 years on the 3rd) so we are planning a simple gold/pirate theme party for him. 
He's going to love it!
I'm also working on putting together a birthday interview film with him.
It's something i'd like to start doing every year when the babies are 3. 
It'll be fun to see how it turns out!
So until then, enjoy some adorable photos of the babies, squeaky clean, fresh out of the bath. 
^^looks at those CURLS!
^^Remington, you are a dreamboat. 

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