Saturday, February 14, 2015

Remington says

My sweet first born is turning three is just a few weeks.
Say it isn't so!
This kid, I tell ya, LITERALLY can talk your ear off.
Sometimes I tell him, "Mommas ears needs a break. Go into your room and shut the door, and don't say anything for a few minutes, ok?" 

He asks tons of questions.
Questions about anything and everything. 
He also likes to repeat himself until you acknowledge him.
David comes home from work and asks me "is he like this ALL the time!?"

Here are a couple hilarious things he said recently.

{After throwing away the yoke from a hard boiled egg}"Rem what are you doing? Thats the best part!" 
"no, actually the white part is the best part for me."

{While I was laying on the couch with my shirt rolled up} "uh momma, baby sister is poking out of yer tummy...} 

{Counting past twenty} "twenty eleven, twenty twelve, twenty thirteen..." 

{Anytime he goes poop on the potty} "yook momma I did it! Yet's call dada at work and tell him I a big boy and go poop on the potty." sometime followed by "take a picture of it momma." 

{After I told him to pick up his blocks} "Ok, I use my muscles." 

{Yesterday he climbed up in my bed and whispered} "Guess what momma, dada is getting flowers por you tomorrow."
"Is he going to get me chocolate too?"
"No, but we can get some por you at da grocery store.

And my favorites...

{Explaining the difference between boys and girls using proper anatomical terms} "Girls have baginas and boys yike me and dada have wieners?! Ooohh!"

{While sitting next to me and watching me text} " Momma, push R. Push R momma. R is for Remington, Push R. Push it momma. RRRRRRRRR"

{While opening a package of peanut-butter M&Ms in the front seat} "HEY, what is that smell?"
"What smell?"
"It smells yike chocolate" 

He is hilarious. 

^^practicing "Cas-Fit" "I need ta do my squats!" 
^^These shorts are size 18months and he still loves to wear them. 
^^We got him new shoes because he starts soccer camp next week. He doesn't take them off!

^^Holding "totton-tail" 
^^Enjoying his favorite "froot snacks" 
^^Showing me his new sweatshirt from Grandma Olsen
^^He likes to take pictures with me on my phone. 
^^A typical morning. 

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