Saturday, March 21, 2015

33 week update and some maternity photos

^^33 weeks and only 7 more to go! May is going to be here fast.  I seriously can't wait!^^

At 33 weeks pregnant, I've been craving McDonalds hot chocolate like crazy.
After having a severe sore throat and head cold for over a month it was the only thing that tasted good.
I also can't get enough of strawberry pop-tarts, g's dairy ice cream and yogurt and granola.
All of which contribute to my constant, fierce heart burn.
I've gained 22 lbs so far which is totally blowing my mind...
That's literally a third of what I gained with the other kids at this point in pregnancy, haha!
I can also still button and comfortably wear two pairs of my pre-prego jeans! (thank you Crossfit)

I haven't been as active the last two weeks because of the horrific plague that hit our house and I can totally feel the difference in my energy level and overall uncomfortableness.
The lighting crotch makes me cry.
Turning over in bed is probably when it hurts the worst.
My back and hips get really sore throughout the day and I find myself waddling more than walking.
Adjustments at the chiropractor and my amazingly huge body pillow have helped in those areas.

I try to walk with the babies a few times a week since this Rexburg weather has been absolutely gorgeous!
My hands and feet are starting to swell a bit too, so David has been generous with the foot rubs.

Baby girl moves a lot in the early morning and right before I fall asleep.
Sometimes she pushes her bum so high up in my ribs, I have to (gently) push back so she readjusts.
We did have one episode last Sunday when I realized I hadn't felt her move for 24 hours.
I was so nervous to go in, but as soon as I was hooked up to the monitors, we heard her heart beating strong and everything turned out to be ok.

At this point we haven't purchased any thing for her except a few headbands and some newborn cloth diapers.
They are SO tiny!
Olive was born in July so baby girl will pretty much be able to wear all of her clothes.
The nesting instinct has hit me pretty hard in the last few weeks too.
One minute i'll be brushing my teeth getting ready for the day and the next i'm on all fours scrubbing the baseboards and vacuuming for the third time that day.

I've been organizing, throwing away/donating a lot of stuff too.
It always feels nice to purge things you don't need anymore, and I'm happy to get everything into it's place so we are all ready for baby girl.
Even more so since we will be a family of five in two bedrooms and 800sq feet for awhile.

As far as what we've been up to lately, David started his masters program last week and has been liking it so far.
He's adjusting to writing more papers instead of test taking.
The babies are growing up tall, talking non-stop and keeping me on my toes all day.
I've been keeping busy with everything stay-at-home-mom and also a lot photography sessions.
I have two birth sessions scheduled for this month and i'm getting so excited for it to finally be my turn!
^^I wanted to document my baby bump with my nice camera so I set up the tri-pod and Remington snapped away. I'm so happy with how they turned out. ^^
^^Mid hair flip. 

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