Thursday, March 5, 2015

Remington's Golden Birthday

 I was so excited to plan Remington's golden birthday this year.
Rem has been super sick, so we wanted to keep it simple.
We've been trying really hard to stick with a set budget this year so we did the entire party (cake/decorations/gifts) for under 20$!
I'm pretty proud of that, haha.
I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to decorate, so we went to a party store searched for some inspiration.
Remington walked around the corner with that pirate hat with gold trim in hand,  and I was sold!
We picked out a 20 foot golden streamer for the backdrop, a big golden "3" balloon, golden candles and the pirate money and called it good.
I used our black and white throw blanket for the table cloth and just like that, his little birthday set-up came together.
It was sweet, simple and super low maintenance.
Can't believe we have a three year old now.
Life is literally flying by!
^^The babies have been obsessing over the pirate coins. 
Olive keeps them stashed in little bags all over the house, haha!
^^Handsome, handsome, HANDSOME! 
^^My favorite of the day! 
^^Olive was trying to blow out the candles the whole time. 
^^31 weeks! 
^^showing me their muscles
^^heart melt! 

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Martha said...

You are such an incredible mom! Rem and Olive (and Davie!) are SO blessed to have you! You inspire me every day and I love you for it! (Also...cutest birthday decorations e.v.e.r.)

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