Monday, April 27, 2015

38.5 weeks

38.5 weeks! 
At my 38 week appointment I was dilated to a 3 almost 100% effaced. 
All weekend I have been having some really good practice contractions. 
Last night I thought for sure would be the night. 
I was having contractions every 2-4 min that last about 1 min-1:30 long and they were getting intense! 
After about 4 hours, I tried to lay down and get some rest. 
I fell asleep and woke up this morning and they had completely stopped!
I was shocked!
Hopefully that means that it could be any day at this point. 

The last week i've been getting burst of energy throughout the day.
Dave and I to scrubbed the house up and down all weekend. 
Everything is ready!
The babysitters have been lined up, our hospital bags are almost completely packed, the car seat has been installed and I'm finally on maternity leave from the photography business. 
I got adjusted at the chiropractor this weekend, I feel amazing every time I leave that appointment. 
I scheduled another one for later this week, hoping that being all aligned will help my body go into labor. 
We are looking forward to having my mom in town this weekend. 
Until then, I will be bouncing on my yoga ball and taking longs walks!
So excited to meet this baby girl!!!!

^^How gorgeous are these swaddle blankets!? 

^^I finished up this felt garland to hand around baby girls bassinet at the hospital. 

^^The babies working on some baby wearing techniques 

^^Always craving the ultimate brownie cupcake from coco bean. 

^^Car seat installed in the van!

^^Still attending crossfit classes as much as I can stand it. I'm squatting 75lbs here. 
^^Getting this girl out is a family affair! Bounce, bounce, bounce. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Olive Lou lately...

^^Currently my favorite photo of juicy fruit^^

It's been awhile since i've done an update on Olive. 
Since I'm too lazy to format this stuff in coherent paragraphs, they will stay in bullet point form. 
Here we go-
At almost 21 months she super tall for her age.
At her last appointment she was in the 110 percentile for height (of course I can't remember how tall exactly) but it's a taller than even Remington was at this point. 
She wears 4t clothing and size 6 shoes.
She likes to eat ALL THE TIME. 
"Momma, I hungeeeeeee"
Favorite foods include: strawberries, rice, eggs, fruit snacks, turkey, pop tarts, sausage mc muffins and ice cream.  
She is talking a TON. 
Some of my favorite phrases, "i no yike dat" "peasssss" "we go bye bye!?" "nee more!" "i peeps or I poops, nee diaper!"
Hates being wet, always asks to go on the potty but I've been reluctant to start potty training mostly because I'm too lazy haha!
We are shooting for July after we adjust to the new baby. 
Every time she wakes up in the morning or after nap she says "HIIIIIIIIII!" in the cutest/happiest little voice. 
She loves playing at the park, swinging, looking through books and playing with blocks. 
She's obsessed with anything baby, but we are thinking she's going to have a tough time adjusting when baby sister comes. 
She has been super clingy and needing momma all the time. 
It's like she knows something is about to change!
We can not be out of her sight during nursery. 
Which is super annoying because all they have in there are those tiny toddler chairs (they are so small I need one for each butt cheek) or I can sit on the floor. 
Either way, I am grumpy and uncomfortable. 
Since the bunny photo shoot she can't get enough of bunnies. 
Every animal with fur/legs she calls a bunny or a puppy. 
Driving down the road she sees a cow, "awwww PUPPY!"
"No Olive, thats a cow."
"... "
She hates being left behind. 
She has to be the first out the front door anytime we leave the house. 
She will literally tackle Remington down so she can be the one to open the door. 
She loves riding in the car, going bye bye and being outside. 
She beats up on Remington and is constantly taking things from out of his hands and running off to hide. 
She loves bows, shoes and jewelry and says, "so toot or so pwetty" when we do her hair or put her in a dress. 
The transition from her crib to the lower bunk of the bunk bed went a whole lot smoother than we expected. 
She has to sleep with her "bees" which is a super soft (ugly) pink blanket. 
And it has to be wrapped around her shoulders and face. 
Lastly, she loves "mini mouth" (mini mouse) and asks to watch it on David's "tabby" (tablet) all the time. 

We love our spunky, loud and opinionated Olive Lou. 
Her big personality will take her far in life. 
I can't wait for her to be a big sister! 

^^I DIE!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

37 weeks

37 weeks!
I'm feeling rather ROUND. 

A few weeks ago Remington asked me, "momma, what are all those lines on your tummy?"
I told him, they are stretch marks and that when he was inside my belly, he got so big that the lines started to appear so I could make more room for him inside. 
His eyes got big and he rubs his little fingers over them and said, "I yove your lines, momma"
I love them too. 

We are in the final countdown till this precious little girl makes her arrival. 
I just can't wait to hold her in my arms. 
I will miss feeling her kicks and squirms though. 
She has the hiccups at least once a day. 
The past few weeks i've been craving quakers flavored oatmeal. 
You know the kind that come in ridiculously small portion sized baggies?
I eat three at a time haha!
I seriously can't get enough. 
Baby girls clothes and blankets have been washed, folded and organized into a dresser. 
Her car seat is being installed this week and I am slowly gathering everything for my hospital bag. 
David got me a pretty new set of jammies and a new robe to wear after delivery and I'm so excited to wear them. 
Baby girl will be wearing the same outfit that Olive came home in. 
We haven't needed to purchased anything extra for her since we already have all the baby gear.
So i've been getting fun things like pretty blankets and nursery decor instead. 
This week we also got our birth photographer booked!
I was bummed that we were going to have to settle for "next day" photos that I could take of all of us, but a dear friend volunteered and I am so excited that she will be there to document all the action.
So far, the plan is to labor at home as long as possible, then head into the hospital when things are getting close. 
I had the other two kids at 39 weeks so I literally have no idea how or when it's going to go this time around. 
We're still trying to figure out who to leave the children with when it's go time. 
It's hard to plan when you don't know when it's all going down. 
Thankfully my Momma will be here the week before, so it would be awesome for things to happen when shes here. 
But, who knows haha! 
I'm more nervous about the delivery at this point than I am about having three babies at home. 
There's nothing really specifically that i'm worried about, just everything in general. 
(thank you anxiety) 
I just hope it happens fast and that she's born HEALTHY!
I'll be sure to keep everyone updated as things progress, you don't have to worry about that, haha.
Here's to a quick three more weeks-
^^36 weeks
^^Non stress test at 36 weeks
^^35 weeks

^^34 weeks
^^33 weeks

Friday, April 10, 2015

David and the babies

There is nothing more attractive to me than watching David father our children. 
While we were engaged and after we were married we'd spend hours talking about how we would raise and parent our babies. 
We were both brought up with very different parenting styles and over the past few years, we've sorta developed and established ways that work for us. 
(and by no means do we think we have it down...haha)
I expect a lot from David as a parent. 
It has never been I do the baby stuff, you bring home the income and that is that. 
I expect him to be a very active participant in our babies lives and so far he has never let me down. 
He works so hard to provide for us. 
Between work and his masters program he is gone most of the day, but always comes home happy and ready to jump right in and give me a break. 
He even does dinner, bath and bedtime most nights so I can put my feet up. 
(I'm so lucky, I know) 
I'm so happy to have found a man like him, he is my soul mate and my best friend and I am so grateful he is mine through the eternities. 
I couldn't have picked a better man to stand beside me.
I hope our sons grow up to be just like him and our daughters look up to him as a high standard to hold to their future husbands.
We love you David. 

Easter and My 25th birthday

^^Babies in their Easter outfits before Church!

Last weekend we celebrated Easter and my 25th birthday! 
We kept everything pretty low key since it was such a busy week beforehand.
We relaxed, ate good food and attempted to watch as many conference talks as the children allow us. The babies loved getting their Easter baskets this year and I had a lot of fun putting them together.
I made these sweet little bunnies for them and they DIED when they saw them. 
I'm happy with how they turned out! 
David took the day off for my birthday and I got to sleep in, take two naps and even get an hour pedicure at a spa!
It was absolutely perfect! 
I am so thankful everyday for my growing family. 
We have it pretty good over here. 

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