Friday, April 10, 2015

David and the babies

There is nothing more attractive to me than watching David father our children. 
While we were engaged and after we were married we'd spend hours talking about how we would raise and parent our babies. 
We were both brought up with very different parenting styles and over the past few years, we've sorta developed and established ways that work for us. 
(and by no means do we think we have it down...haha)
I expect a lot from David as a parent. 
It has never been I do the baby stuff, you bring home the income and that is that. 
I expect him to be a very active participant in our babies lives and so far he has never let me down. 
He works so hard to provide for us. 
Between work and his masters program he is gone most of the day, but always comes home happy and ready to jump right in and give me a break. 
He even does dinner, bath and bedtime most nights so I can put my feet up. 
(I'm so lucky, I know) 
I'm so happy to have found a man like him, he is my soul mate and my best friend and I am so grateful he is mine through the eternities. 
I couldn't have picked a better man to stand beside me.
I hope our sons grow up to be just like him and our daughters look up to him as a high standard to hold to their future husbands.
We love you David. 

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