Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Olive Lou lately...

^^Currently my favorite photo of juicy fruit^^

It's been awhile since i've done an update on Olive. 
Since I'm too lazy to format this stuff in coherent paragraphs, they will stay in bullet point form. 
Here we go-
At almost 21 months she super tall for her age.
At her last appointment she was in the 110 percentile for height (of course I can't remember how tall exactly) but it's a taller than even Remington was at this point. 
She wears 4t clothing and size 6 shoes.
She likes to eat ALL THE TIME. 
"Momma, I hungeeeeeee"
Favorite foods include: strawberries, rice, eggs, fruit snacks, turkey, pop tarts, sausage mc muffins and ice cream.  
She is talking a TON. 
Some of my favorite phrases, "i no yike dat" "peasssss" "we go bye bye!?" "nee more!" "i peeps or I poops, nee diaper!"
Hates being wet, always asks to go on the potty but I've been reluctant to start potty training mostly because I'm too lazy haha!
We are shooting for July after we adjust to the new baby. 
Every time she wakes up in the morning or after nap she says "HIIIIIIIIII!" in the cutest/happiest little voice. 
She loves playing at the park, swinging, looking through books and playing with blocks. 
She's obsessed with anything baby, but we are thinking she's going to have a tough time adjusting when baby sister comes. 
She has been super clingy and needing momma all the time. 
It's like she knows something is about to change!
We can not be out of her sight during nursery. 
Which is super annoying because all they have in there are those tiny toddler chairs (they are so small I need one for each butt cheek) or I can sit on the floor. 
Either way, I am grumpy and uncomfortable. 
Since the bunny photo shoot she can't get enough of bunnies. 
Every animal with fur/legs she calls a bunny or a puppy. 
Driving down the road she sees a cow, "awwww PUPPY!"
"No Olive, thats a cow."
"... "
She hates being left behind. 
She has to be the first out the front door anytime we leave the house. 
She will literally tackle Remington down so she can be the one to open the door. 
She loves riding in the car, going bye bye and being outside. 
She beats up on Remington and is constantly taking things from out of his hands and running off to hide. 
She loves bows, shoes and jewelry and says, "so toot or so pwetty" when we do her hair or put her in a dress. 
The transition from her crib to the lower bunk of the bunk bed went a whole lot smoother than we expected. 
She has to sleep with her "bees" which is a super soft (ugly) pink blanket. 
And it has to be wrapped around her shoulders and face. 
Lastly, she loves "mini mouth" (mini mouse) and asks to watch it on David's "tabby" (tablet) all the time. 

We love our spunky, loud and opinionated Olive Lou. 
Her big personality will take her far in life. 
I can't wait for her to be a big sister! 

^^I DIE!

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Tara Martin said...

She is so adorable! When you decide to potty train her I will send you Charlotte and you can just do them both at the same time, k?
:) Charlotte always wants to use the potty and rips her diaper off when she pees. But I am too lazy to do anything about. That and the thought of having to go into public restrooms and try to help a newly potty trained 2 year old while holding an infant just isn't high on my bucket list.

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