Friday, May 8, 2015

a few of our favorites from the hospital

^^ our first family photo and I LOVE that it captures everyones personality perfectly (ahem, Olive Lou...haha) 

These photos were all taken in less than five minutes. 
I don't know why I waited until right before we checked out of the hospital to take them, but it if you could see what was going on behind the lens for each shot you'd crack up. 
It was quite comical. 

The babies were BEYOND done with being confined to the hospital room. 
Olive had pulled her hair ties and headband out and was throwing a full body tantrum on the floor, screaming because she wanted to go. 
She refused to pose for any shots will the baby. 
While I was taking the ones of Frances in her bassinet, she kept pushing the "call nurse" button on the bed over and over and over. 
Rem tripped and spilled chocolate milk EVERYWHERE and had to be stripped down to his undies. 
I don't know how Frances stayed asleep during all the commotion but she did. 

It was then that David and looked at each other shared our first "oh my crap, these are our kids, this is our life" look. 
Which I'm positive will be the first of many, ha! 

So while we do look all calm, cool and collected, these photos don't tell the whole truth and it makes me love them that much more. 

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Rachael Martin said...

Are you freaking kidding me?! You look like you are about to pop into a fashion show or a beauty contest. girl. You look AMAZING. Your family is perfect. I love you all!! Congratulations!!

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