Thursday, June 11, 2015

1 month with Frances

Dear Frances, 
Hands down, you have been the easiest baby so far. 
Perhaps it's your relaxed temperament or maybe it's because I'm more confident in my parenting abilities this go around. (Probably a little of both) Either way, you have made transitioning from two to three babies a breeze. 
You are a champion nurser and a top-notch sleeper. I've hardly felt sleep deprived at all since we brought you home. You really only cry if I can't get you to the boob fast enough. Or whenever you're in the car and the car is not moving. When that happens you SCREAM.  Remington was the same way. As soon as we start moving you are totally content. 
You love taking baths with me (when I remember) and you love to be swaddled tight. 
You absolutely refuse to take a binky which is equal parts annoying (for obvious reasons) and awesome (because I love knowing that you only want me.) 
You like going anywhere, as long as you are close me in the the wrap or the ergo carrier. 
You aren't really sure how you feel about the stroller, especially since Olive tries to sit on you sometimes haha. 
You have just started smiling more in the past week and it just makes my momma heart melt into a puddle. 
I love your huge deep blue eyes and dark fuzzy hair that only grows on the back half of your head. 
I love that you are a perfect mix of your brother and your sister. 
I love the funny faces you make and how you scare yourself when you sneeze. 
You have filled our hearts and our home with such joy these past few weeks. 
I'm so happy you are finally here. 
You are so loved little one- 

and just for fun: Olive at 1 month and Remington at 1 month.

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