Sunday, June 28, 2015

Arizona here we come!

Did you hear!?
A real life-grown-up-professional-job with a salary and benefits, AHH!!
I can't believe how fast it is all happening. 
He will be a case manger for Jewish Child and Family Services in Phoenix, Arizona. 
This opportunity is an answer to our prayers and we are so incredibly excited to begin this next chapter in our lives. 

David has been applying for health care related positions since graduation.
This job will help give him the experience he needs while he finishes up his masters program.
I am SO proud of him!

His first day of work is July 13th, so we are hustling to get our crap together.
The packing and purging of belongings has begun.
I seriously can't get over how much STUFF we've accumulated...

We're still trying to find someone to buy our apartment contract as well as figuring out how to get everyone down.
I'm dreading the 13 hour drive (not including all the stops) with the babies...
I might die.

The kids are a little frazzled.
I know they can sense the stress and they most certainly aren't liking their stuff being packed up.

While we took down the bunk beds, Remington through the cutest little sobs asked, "are we taking my bed to awazonaaa!?"
Poor guy has been so concerned that we are leaving his stuff here.

Even amongst the craziness, we are trying so hard to enjoy the last few days here in Rexburg.
I always knew we would leave eventually, but now that it's actually happening, it's getting hard to say goodbye.

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