Sunday, June 14, 2015

Naming Frances Pearl

Frances: meaning "from France or free one" Pearl: from the gem stone or "Precious" 

It's no secret that I am obsessed with old-fashioned "granny" names. 
Frances, Pearl and even Olive were all popular in the 1800s.
In fact, almost all of the baby names on my boy/girls lists are from that time period haha!
I don't know what specifically draws me to them, I think mostly because they are so unique yet classic at the same time. 
I can't think of the exact moment when we decided on Frances' name. 
Both her first and middle were one of the combinations on my list and I think it just stood out the most. 
It wasn't until after we announced her name to our families that we learned David has both a great aunt Frances and a great aunt Pearl. 
Since we also consider her to be our Crossfit baby, we like to joke that she is named after the Crossfit benchmark workout, Fran. (Fran kicks everyones ass) 

Frances Pearl suits our sweet little girl so well. 
I love saying her name as much as I love hearing it. 

She also goes by:
Francie Pants Pearly Poo
Franny Panties (David call her this and I.HATE.IT) 
Francois (coined by Auntie Jocelyn) 
baby Fwances or Fwanny (what Rem and Olive call her)

A few weeks after she was born, we got a piece of mail addressed to her. 
"To: Frances P. Olsen"
Dave and I were cracking up because it's the first time we'd seen it typed out and reading it at the moment, it came across SO grandma haha!

Oh I just love her so MUCH!!!

(also these are her newborn pics taken when she was a week old. I can't believe how much she has changed already) 

How we named Olive Lou and Remington David

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