Friday, June 5, 2015

Olive and Frances

The biggest thing we were concerned about when bringing home our newest addition was how our little miss Olive Lou would adjust. 
Everyone knows that Olive has a BIG personality. 
She is loud and passionate and loves being the center of attention. 
We thought for sure that she would have a difficult time not being the baby anymore. 
A few weeks before Frances was born, Olive became SUPER clingy. 
I couldn't even leave her sight for a second before she'd have a complete meltdown. 
It's like she knew her life was about to be turned upside down, haha!
We did our best to prepare her for the new baby. 
We got her a doll for Christmas and talked to her about being soft and how to hold, burp, feed and swaddle her.
She ate it up!
When she first met Frances at the hospital, she couldn't have cared less.  
When we brought Frances home, she hardly paid any attention to her. 
I was a little surprised, but she didn't seemed phased at all!
The only change we did notice was that she seemed to distance herself away from me and she preferred to be with David. 
I figured it was her way of dealing with the changes, but it still hurt my momma heart a little. 
After we had the first few days under our belt, I made an effort to spend some time one on one with Olive and that seemed to help a lot. 
As some more time has passed Olive has become more and more interested in where "fwances" is and wants to know what she was doing. 
She is more eager to help and she loves to throw away diapers and make sure that Franny always has a blankey. 
For the past week, she comes in straight from her bed to kiss Frances on the cheek and rub her head "swaft-wee"
It is so sweet. 
So for now, she seems to be adjusting just fine! (let's hope that continues) 
I love seeing my girls together and I am excited to see their relationship grow. 
Sisters are friends forever and I can't wait for them to be able to experience that bond. 

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