Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I completely underestimated how stressful moving was. 
The trek down here was just as awful as you can imagine.
Driving 900+ miles alone in the van with two whiney toddlers and an exclusively breastfed, carseat hating infant over two days...
It just about killed me. 

We moved all of our belongings into a storage unit and have been crashing at my parents home since. 
The babies didn't want to sleep upstairs away from us, so all five of us keep cozy in the guest bedroom. 
We pushed two huge mattress together and made the ultimate "family bed."
It definitely hasn't been ideal, but we are so grateful to be with family. 
While David is at work, the babies and I have practically spent everyday in the pool. 
Olive is a little fish in the water while Remi is still very hesitant and cautious about getting in. 
He is happy watching from a distance. 
Frances is content as can be floating around in her little inner tube. 

We started house hunting a few days after we moved down. 
Walking through rentals and dragging the babies around in 100+ degree weather was MISERABLE. 
It took a awhile, but we finally found an amazing home in Peoria!
The kitchen is gorgeous and we even have a little fenced in back yard. 
It's the perfect distance for David's commute to work and really close to my family. 
The best part is, we aren't sharing walls with any neighbors haha! YAY! 
We are so excited! 
I am so anxious to move in and get everything decorated, organized and tidy. 
(we move in Friday!) 

David jumped right in with his new job and is thoroughly enjoying everything that he is learning. 
He comes home happy and excited to tell us all about what he's doing everyday. 
He's also chugging along in his masters program. 
I'm so proud of my hardworking man! 

Olive's second birthday is also this Friday. 
It's going to be an exciting week for us over here. 
I can't wait! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

2 months with Frances

Dear Frances, 
I can't say it enough, you are a DREAM baby!
Easy, easy, easy I can't believe it. 
If I could guarantee that every baby from here on out was like you,  I'd have a 100 more.
At two months old you weighed in at 13lbs 9oz (95th percentile) and measured 25 inches tall (100+ percentile)
You are by far the "smallest" out of your siblings (haha) but may be the tallest at this age.
You are wearing 6 months clothing and still fitting into a couple 3 month outfits. 
Your squishy cheeks and your plump thigh rolls are my favorite parts to kiss. 
I love that you are so easy to please and are so happy just hanging out.  
You started sucking on your fist in the past few weeks and it is so cute to listen to. 
You still dislike the carseat but you are sleeping even longer stretches at night and it is marvelous. 
You are giggly and ticklish and love having your arms stretched out over your head. 
You like to be held outwards so you can see whats going on around you, and prefer to be sitting up rather than laying down. 
A tight swaddle will soothe you instantly and a warm bath with momma makes you purr!
I am hanging on to every moment of this newborn stage with you. 
It's flying by even faster this time around!
We are so incredibly blessed to have you in our family little Francie. 
We love you so much,

Olive and Remington at 2 months HERE and HERE

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

anniversary of our loss

July 5

To our little love,
my heart still aches for you. 
there isn't a day that goes by where I don't, at some point think of you. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th of July

^^Lets pretend the McDonald's bag isn't there...haha!

I'm so happy that we got to spend our last weekend in Rexburg celebrating the 4th of July!
This is the 4th year we attended the parade as a family, and each year we added another baby :)
We staked out our favorite shady spot on main street the night before.
The morning of, we got a dozen donuts from our favorite local shop and enjoyed the parade with a few of our a dear friends. 
The babies loved the music and the candy being thrown from the floats.
It was fun to watch them take it all in. 
That night, we drove the babies in their pajamas to the top of a hill and watched the firework shows below. 
I got all sentimental and emotional knowing that that was our last holiday in our favorite little town. 
It was practically a perfect day and I'm so happy to have it documented!
^^Missing his beard like crazy. 
^^Olive's favorite part was the horsies 

^^Hey Jocelyn, that baby looks good on you ;)

^^Hey Olive, smile for momma! 

^^He is pretty much a perfect child. 
^^ baby friends, Olive and Lily. 
 ^^ Donuts are Olives love language. 
 ^^Get it girl. 
 ^^Rem is pretty traumatized by the sound of sirens even since Olive's near death experience last year. 

^^because we can never take a normal photo together #sisters. 

^^why is she SO CUTE!

^^Franny I want to eat you up
^^Boom. Favorite photo of the day. I mean really, Franny's expression is the BEST. 

Previous 4th of July posts here, here and here

saying goodbye to Rexburg

It's been a week since we moved from Rexburg.
To be honest, It still hasn't realllly hit me yet that that part of our life is over...
I always knew we would leave one day, I just never pictured it being so fast.
My postpartum hormonal emotional self hasn't had the time to process it all yet!
SEVEN YEARS I lived there!
That's the longest i've ever lived anywhere my entire life.
Seven years ago I moved to Rexburg, barely a high school graduate.
I didn't know a single person.
Leaving with a wonderful husband and those beautiful babies was never something my little 18 year old self would have thought possible.
I made some pretty incredible memories over those seven years.
The people I met there and the relationships I formed, some of them lifelong friends mean the world to me and have helped shape me into the person I am.
I experienced some of the happiest times and some of the saddest times of my life there.
I am so excited for this new chapter in our lives and I love that I will always think back about my time in Rexburg and smile.

Rexburg will always have a (big) piece of my heart.

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