Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th of July

^^Lets pretend the McDonald's bag isn't there...haha!

I'm so happy that we got to spend our last weekend in Rexburg celebrating the 4th of July!
This is the 4th year we attended the parade as a family, and each year we added another baby :)
We staked out our favorite shady spot on main street the night before.
The morning of, we got a dozen donuts from our favorite local shop and enjoyed the parade with a few of our a dear friends. 
The babies loved the music and the candy being thrown from the floats.
It was fun to watch them take it all in. 
That night, we drove the babies in their pajamas to the top of a hill and watched the firework shows below. 
I got all sentimental and emotional knowing that that was our last holiday in our favorite little town. 
It was practically a perfect day and I'm so happy to have it documented!
^^Missing his beard like crazy. 
^^Olive's favorite part was the horsies 

^^Hey Jocelyn, that baby looks good on you ;)

^^Hey Olive, smile for momma! 

^^He is pretty much a perfect child. 
^^ baby friends, Olive and Lily. 
 ^^ Donuts are Olives love language. 
 ^^Get it girl. 
 ^^Rem is pretty traumatized by the sound of sirens even since Olive's near death experience last year. 

^^because we can never take a normal photo together #sisters. 

^^why is she SO CUTE!

^^Franny I want to eat you up every.single.day
^^Boom. Favorite photo of the day. I mean really, Franny's expression is the BEST. 

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