Thursday, August 27, 2015

Olive Lou Lately...

I didn't do a big photo shoot for Juicy's 2nd birthday this year mostly because she's super resistant when I pull out the big camera and I didn't feel like fighting with her, haha!
I snapped these with my phone right before we left on an errand the other day and I just love how they capture everything I love and want to remember about my sweet Olive Lou right now. 

Her curly hair that is 3 different lengths and practically impossible to keep out of her face.
Her ginormous blue eyes. 
The infamous donut shirt that she requests to wear
The way her little tummy is always hanging out over her pants. 
Her curvy hips and round bum that barely fit in cloth or paper diapers anymore.
Her long legs that are just barely holding on to that precious baby chub.
Her knoby knees that are constantly covered in bruises. 
Her little feet that have grown three sizes in the last two months.
and lastly, the flower that she picked out in the backyard for me because it was so "pwetty!"

This girl and her big personality. She's going to go places, I know that for a fact. She is a smart, strong and spunky little girl who can hold her own it just about any situation. If she can't, she'll just yell really loud instead. 

Juicy Lou you are loved. 

3 months with Frances

Dear Frances,
At three months old you are officially out of the "newborn" stage. 
You are totally enthralled with the world around you. 
Like Mimi says, "it's like the light bulb turned on!"
You are becoming more and more aware of eveything and everyone. 
My favorite thing you started doing this month is reaching out for toys. 
You prefer your wooden teether and cat rattle, but really, anything will do. 
This month you cut your first tooth, a molar!?
I didn't believe it at first, but sure enough its there!
We should have guessed with all the slobber, gumming and gnawing going on. 
You're sleeping pretty much all night, maybe waking up once to nurse in the early morning hours. 
During the day you take a few short naps in the rock n play. 
You've discovered your "voice" this past month and holler and squeal all the time. 
It's weird hearing it because you've been a really quiet baby up to this point. 
You love to face outwards when you are held. 
You're trying really hard to sit up on your own, I can't believe it. 
Your chubby legs are starting to get stuck in the bumbo seat but once your in, you love it!
You have the cutest laugh and are super ticklish around your ribs.  
Your cheeks are really filling out now and I although I still see a lot of your siblings in you, you certainly have your own look.
When you are upset and the noonies wont do, a tight swaddle, a rhythmic pat on the bum and a "shhhhh" directly in the ear calms you right down. 
You fall asleep almost instantly when you are wore, which I love. 
You make us so happy Francie girl, 
We love you!

(momma forgot to charge her camera battery so iphone photos FTW!) 

Remington and Olive at three months, HERE and HERE

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Olive's 2nd birthday

Olive Lou turned two years old!
Her birthday fell on our move in day, so we didn't have the chance to throw a big party.
The next morning we got some donuts and chocolate milk, sang happy birthday and she opened her frozen dress up dresses.
She was so happy!
She kept walking around in her dresses shouting "it's my birthday!" "I so pwetty" and "I two now" all day. 
She is such a blessing in our lives, I can't imagine my life without her. 
We love you Olive Lou!

Friday, August 14, 2015

home sweet home

^^We are officially moved in to our new home in Peoria and we are totally loving it. 
I can't believe how everything has fallen into place since we have moved down here. 
It's like it was meant to be or something.

I can't even begin to describe how amazing this house is for us. 
Our very own 4 walls. 
It's pretty rad. 
I'm still getting used to the sheer size of the place. 
We could have like 5 more babies here and be totally comfortable.
The kids are in their own rooms and that has made such a difference.
They sleep SO MUCH BETTER now that they aren't together playing and keeping each other awake. 
(Frances will be in with Olive eventually.)
The master bedroom, on-suite and walk in closet are pretty much the size of our first apartment. 
I told David that I need more clothing to fill it up :) 
I've had so much fun pulling the house together and getting it all decorated and livable. 
I have a lot of projects rolling around in my head that i'm excited to take on over the next couple months. 
Now that we have our own attached garage to do the work in, the possibilities are endless! 
Since moving to Arizona, there are a few funky things that I've had to adjust to that I wasn't expecting.
The water out of the faucet is always HOT. 
Like it never gets cold, ever. 
I miss the connivence of filling up our water bottles from the tap now that I have to remember to keep the water pitchers full in the fridge. 
We are on a peak power plan which means we can't use any of the big appliances during the peak hours (12pm-7pm) unless we want to pay a lot more for the energy. 
So things like laundry, dishes and cooking are a no go during those times. 
I'm still adjusting to getting everything done in the mornings.
The heat has been rough.
I'm pretty much sweating 24/7. 
When I lived here before college I never remembered being bothered by the 100+ temps. 
Three kids and eighty extra pounds later, I am MISERABLE when we are outside. 
Seriously, I don't know how you can be fat here. 
It's definitely motivated me to get back into shape faster. 
That and the fact that it is swim suit season year round...
Our crossfit garage workouts have to be done first thing in the morning or after the sun goes down. 
My make-up routine has been reduced to sun screen and a bit of mascara. 
Everything else melts off my face, so I don't see the point. 
I'm about ready to shave my head too. 
I wore my hair down for the first time on Sunday for church and I about had a panic attack because I was SO HOT!! 
The postpartum hair loss has hit me pretty hard this time around, so I may as well speed up the process ;)
The area we live in (Peoria) is so close to everything though. 
I forgot how isolated we were in Rexburg. 
Between the museums, downtown, professional sports complexes, shopping, restaurants, splash parks etc, we can go just about anywhere we want with only a few minute drive. 
It's pretty awesome. 

I think we are really going to do well here.

^^This kitchen though! I never thought we'd get granite counter tops in a rental. 
^^The best kind of box to unpack. 
^^We've already made two trips to IKEA for various furniture pieces and fun decor. 

^^Our very own little palm tree which Remington has already marked as his "peepee tree"
^^We got these chair for FREE from a lady in our ward. They are S O L I D. The fabric totally clashes with my decor, but I have some big plans for these babies. 
^^One of my favorite features of the home. We turned the front living room into a designated play area for the babies. It's not in the ideal spot for all the toys and junk, but in this time of our lives, it's exactly what we need! I'm trying to keep it super organized so we will see how it works out for us. 

^^Once again, obsessed with our kitchen/dining area. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Family Photos

Just before we moved from Rexburg, I volunteered my family for a lifestyle session to help another local photographer practice. 
It's fun to be in front of the camera for a change and I love seeing other photographers styles.
These are a few of my favorites from the session. 
Thanks for capturing my sweet family Katy Kay Photography! 

^^My Favorite! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Remembering The Beard.

David started growing out his facial hair the day he graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho.
We agreed that he wouldn't shave it until he landed his first real post-graduate job.
Over the last six months, I really grew attached to the new lumbersexual look my hunk-of-love was sporting.
So when we learned that he had been offered his current position, my heart tore a little inside.
I might have even cried.
Dramatic much?
(I blame the postpartum hormones)
The dress code in the health care field favors the clean shaven face, so there was really no way around it.
I hated to see that gorgeous thick curly hair go.
So before he pulled out the clippers, I made him pose for a little photo shoot so I could document those brilliant bristles.
Thanks for being a good sport babe <3 nbsp="" p="">

Until we meet again. 
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