Thursday, August 27, 2015

3 months with Frances

Dear Frances,
At three months old you are officially out of the "newborn" stage. 
You are totally enthralled with the world around you. 
Like Mimi says, "it's like the light bulb turned on!"
You are becoming more and more aware of eveything and everyone. 
My favorite thing you started doing this month is reaching out for toys. 
You prefer your wooden teether and cat rattle, but really, anything will do. 
This month you cut your first tooth, a molar!?
I didn't believe it at first, but sure enough its there!
We should have guessed with all the slobber, gumming and gnawing going on. 
You're sleeping pretty much all night, maybe waking up once to nurse in the early morning hours. 
During the day you take a few short naps in the rock n play. 
You've discovered your "voice" this past month and holler and squeal all the time. 
It's weird hearing it because you've been a really quiet baby up to this point. 
You love to face outwards when you are held. 
You're trying really hard to sit up on your own, I can't believe it. 
Your chubby legs are starting to get stuck in the bumbo seat but once your in, you love it!
You have the cutest laugh and are super ticklish around your ribs.  
Your cheeks are really filling out now and I although I still see a lot of your siblings in you, you certainly have your own look.
When you are upset and the noonies wont do, a tight swaddle, a rhythmic pat on the bum and a "shhhhh" directly in the ear calms you right down. 
You fall asleep almost instantly when you are wore, which I love. 
You make us so happy Francie girl, 
We love you!

(momma forgot to charge her camera battery so iphone photos FTW!) 

Remington and Olive at three months, HERE and HERE

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