Thursday, August 27, 2015

Olive Lou Lately...

I didn't do a big photo shoot for Juicy's 2nd birthday this year mostly because she's super resistant when I pull out the big camera and I didn't feel like fighting with her, haha!
I snapped these with my phone right before we left on an errand the other day and I just love how they capture everything I love and want to remember about my sweet Olive Lou right now. 

Her curly hair that is 3 different lengths and practically impossible to keep out of her face.
Her ginormous blue eyes. 
The infamous donut shirt that she requests to wear
The way her little tummy is always hanging out over her pants. 
Her curvy hips and round bum that barely fit in cloth or paper diapers anymore.
Her long legs that are just barely holding on to that precious baby chub.
Her knoby knees that are constantly covered in bruises. 
Her little feet that have grown three sizes in the last two months.
and lastly, the flower that she picked out in the backyard for me because it was so "pwetty!"

This girl and her big personality. She's going to go places, I know that for a fact. She is a smart, strong and spunky little girl who can hold her own it just about any situation. If she can't, she'll just yell really loud instead. 

Juicy Lou you are loved. 

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