Saturday, September 26, 2015

4 months with Frances

Dear Frances,
At 4 months old you are 18lbs and 27inches tall (both in the 99 + percentile).
Still my "smallest" baby.
Your rolls are perfect and your legs are strong.
Currently wearing 12month and some 18 months clothing.
Just in the past month we've had to adjust the rise on your cloth diapers from the smallest snap setting to the biggest one!
You are kind of a diva when it comes to the cloth diapers.
You aren't a fan of being even a little wet, and we have to change you constantly.
You hit the crazy cat napping phase  (will only sleep for 20 min at a time) which drives momma cray cray.
You are cutting two front incisors, fangs just in time for halloween!
You will only nurse if your arms are swaddled down.
You get distracted constantly which makes momma leak all over.
You are getting better with sitting on your own, Dad had made it his job to practice with you daily.
You love the high chair when we sit down to eat as a family.
Because of teething, pretty much gnaw on drool on anything you can get your hands on.
Your eyes are huge and your cheeks are the most kissable.
Every morning you wake up so happy.
You've rolled over a few times, both from back to font and front to back.
I'm not encouraging it because immobile babies are the best babies ;)
Oh, Frances you make going anywhere miserable.
You are straight up inconsolable in the carseat.
As soon as you are unbuckled you are FINE.
We might be moving you out of the infant seat sooner than we though, hopefully you'll like it better. Probably not though.
You are always entertained by Olive and Rem.
Your t-rex, pterodactyl screams are so cute.
Babbling is my favorite part of this stage and even though that is all it is, you can say"momma" now.
We are so excited to continue to watch you learn and grow,
You are truly our little Rainbow baby.

Rem and Olive at 4 months, HERE and HERE 

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