Tuesday, October 20, 2015

5 months with Frances

Dear Frances,
At 5 months old you are sitting up!
It happened over night! 
You are super content sitting and playing toys and chewing on board books most the day. 
Remington makes you belly laugh all the time by playing peekaboo and making funny faces and noises. 
You've discovered your tongue and blow slobber everywhere all the time. 
We love your cute babbling and the way your smile lights up a room. 
We get stopped constantly by people who comment how fat you are  (totally a compliment)  and how big and blue your eyes are.  
Not sure how much you weigh or how tall you are (we find out in a few weeks) but you are getting SO BIG, SO FAST.
You love sucking on your toes, especially when you're wearing moccs.
You're still totally disinterested in a bottle, even though we've been vigilant in getting you to take one. (momma needs some breaks, you little stinker!) 
You love taking baths with you crazy siblings and we can tell you are so anxious to keep up with them. 
You're not really rolling much (being fat and heavy makes that harder) and you still hate being in the car. 
You do love hanging out in the garage in your jumper while we work out and turning in circles. 
One of my most favorite things right now is that you actually SMILE for me when I pull the camera out.
I love capturing that sweet little grin. 
You are just the cutest.

^^Cloth diaper bum!

Rem and Olive at 5 months HERE and HERE 

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