Monday, November 23, 2015

6 months with Frances

Dear Frances,
I can't believe you've already been around half a year.
At 6 months old your stats are 20 lbs 11oz (97 percentile) and 28.5 inches (100+ percentile).
You are growing like a weed!
Currently wearing 18 month and some 24 month/2T clothing.
Every you have is a hand me down from Olive and it's so funny because all the pants are stretched out around the bum!
Other than that, it all fits you very nicely.
You are starting to try and move around more.
You rock back and forth on your bum and reach super far forward past your feet to grab something in front of you.
Dad and I are making bets that'll you'll be crawling by Christmas!
I'm happy if you stay put for awhile.
You try to pull yourself up on stuff.
Most times you end up getting stuck in a weird position and you get really mad.
The past couple weeks have been absolutely terrible for sleep.
You woke up so many times during the night...
and naps during the day were like 20 min tops.
I hadn't felt that sleep deprived since we brought Remington home as a baby!
Thankfully, you seem to be getting back to your normal routine.
This month you had your first taste of food.
and you LOVED them.
You've also had some apple sauce.
I'm not pushing starting solids either.
Just kind of going with the flow over here.
I want to keep your at this fat baby stage forever!
You're not really into being held much anymore.
You'd prefer to be on the ground and part of the action.
In the rare moments that do you like to be held, you grab my face with both hands and plant a big juicy wet kiss on my nose, cheeks, mouth, anywhere really.
I LOVE it so much.
This month you learned how to drink water from your siblings water bottles.
But you still refuse a bottle.
You say "MOMMA MOMMA MOMMA" on repeat.
You're doing better on car rides, we are looking forwards to getting you into a convertible carseat soon.
You still have to be swaddled in order to nurse and always when you sleep.
Still sleeping between Dad and I.
I think you would do fine in the crib, it's your sister I don't trust..
This month you'll be celebrating your first Thanksgiving and next month, Christmas!
I'm just so happy that you are mine, Francie girl.
We love you so much,

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