Thursday, November 12, 2015

Home Tour // The Master Suite

Here's where all the magic happens. 
Here sleeps Dave, Fran and I and sometimes Olive and sometimes Rem, depending on the night. 

I wasn't kidding when I said this bedroom is GINORMOUS! 
Like i'm pretty sure our entire first apartment would fit in this bedroom/closet/bathroom space combined.

I see SO much potential in this space.
Right now, our bedroom falls low on the priority list for decorating because honestly, I'd rather spend money and do projects elsewhere in the house. 
The Hemnes Ikea dresser was of of the first things we bought after we were married. It has held up pretty well after many moves. 
Except that missing pull on the left middle drawer...(here's another reminder for you to fix that David!)
My mom has this same mosaic mirror art in her bedroom and I always though it was so pretty. 
My Grandma and Aunt got me my very own as a house warming gift. 
I love how the light bounces off it!
My chandelier clock used to hang in our living room in our first apartment. 
It has taken a beating over the years and doesn't work anymore, but I still love how it looks. 
White lamp from target. 
Jewelry holder from TJMaxx a few years back
Pretty gold dish we actually got as a wedding gift. 
Feather was from my bridesmaid bouquets from our wedding. 
Currently on my wish-list is this BEAUTIFUL iron bed frame.
It would look so perfect with our white bedding. 
I kept going back and forth between the iron bed or something like this  but David like the Iron one more ;)
I picture a huge fluffy rug under the bed, some pretty window treatments and a chaise lounge against that back wall, underneath a gallery of photos!
You see where i'm going with this?
Hello natural lighting! 
We do not lack that is this home. 
His/Hers night stands.
Lamps from HomeGoods. 
I'd love this chandelier over this bed. 
Last look before we head into the on suite

More glorious natural light! 
It's actually so bright in the mornings we have to keep the door shut. 
His and her sinks, tons of storage and a false drawer that Rem broke off like 15 min before I took these. 
 I left the walls empty because I don't really know what to hang in a bathroom...ideas??
And finally, the closet. 
This has actually NEVER looks this clean/organized. 
(I can't keep clothing on hangers to save my life.) 
Lucky for me, I can just close this door and I go on with my day and I don't ever think about the mess. 
Out of site, out of mind, right?


Next up, probably the living room or toy room...whichever I can get to stay clean long enough to snap some pics. 

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Chelsea Davidson said...

I LOVE this room! I would die for a bedroom and closet this big! looks beautiful!!

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