Monday, November 2, 2015

Home Tour // Olive and Frances's Room

Now that we are pretty much all settled in our place here in Arizona, I thought it would be fun to document and do a virtual home tour! 
It is so fun for me to look back and see how we decorated the different spaces we've lived in. 
How we have made each of our little apartments feel like home and especially how much our style and taste has changed over the few short years we've been married.
(It's come A LONG WAY, I can tell you that!) 
I was SO excited to decorate our first apartment.
We started with absolutely nothing except an air-mattress and all the clothing that we could fit in the back of my jeep.   
Our first couch was a dark blue, $30 trundle bed from DI, haha! 
Even during the poorest of poor collage student days, I always made an extra effort to make our little places feel comfortable. 

I have had SO MUCH FUN decorating our first HOUSE!
I literally get all my inspiration from Pinterest, like seriously...EVERYTHING. 
The space we have's kind of ridiculous. 
It's twice the size of our last apartment in Rexburg and not much more expensive rent wise. 
The girls room alone is bigger than any master we've ever had! 
It's such a nice change to have the space to spread out and organize everything. 
We will certainly have enough room to accommodate a few more babies if we stay here for awhile :) 

Anyways, here is the girls shared room!
Frances will be joining Olive and actually sleeping in her crib one of these days...
^^I picked out this crib before we had Remington! I love, love LOVE the white and the simple lines. 
The "Francie" hand stitched pillow was a labor of love while I was pregnant with Fran. 
The dolls are from our favorite little doll shop here
The ice cream pillow from HomeGoods. 
^^These Tarva IKEA dressers are my DIY pride and joy. I saw the white/gold accents done on Pinterest and I just knew it had to be. Plus they fit PERFECTLY between those little windows. We also opted for the taller dressers because it keeps the babies from touching the stuff on top.  
^^Necklace hanger turned bow displayer via Target.
^^My mom gifted me two of these precious twin beds, the same ones my sisters and I used growing up. Originally stained a dark cherry color, they transformed with this gorgeous whipped mint, matte finish from Behr Marquee. How cute will two of these look in the same room when Fran graduates from her crib!!!???
^^Wire baskets from Target hold all of Frans swaddle blankets. (Our favorite prints from Little Unicorn Official) as well as disguise our beloved white noise machine, a MUST HAVE for children. 
^^The lighting in their room is pretty awesome. 
^^Swiss Cross weaving from a dear friend. It symbolizes hope!
^^I have no idea what is hiding under the dresser...
^^My mom gave me this painting a few years back when I was OBSESSED with all things nautical. I thought it was perfect for a sisters room. 
^^Olive Lou pillow hand stitched by yours truly.
Mermaid doll here
Ice cream pillow HomeGoods
Blonde doll from Rexburg Farmers market vendor a few years back
Vintage flower pillow case was a score from Goodwill. 
^^The first blanket I ever made. Its rough but its cute, so yeah. 
^^An artistic view of the dressers because that's what you are supposed to do for this home tours, right?
The stupid ruffle bedskirt is always untucked. 
^^What it must look like from Olive's height. 
^^Oh look, Olive! She loves playing in her closet. Next step is to organize all the freaking baby clothing Frances is growing out of. AH!

I hope you enjoyed part one of my virtual home tour, 
next Up, Remington's Room! 

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